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UZA MysCreation Haunted Attraction
2935 West Libby Street
Phoenix, Arizona, 85053

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UZA MysCreation Haunted Attraction Bloody Valentine's day Haunted Photo Opp. Feb/12-13/2020 6 pm to 9 pm Tickets $5 Per photo session if you buy tickets at the door fees + tax apply. you may have groups of up to 5. Photo session: professional photographer, you get 5 photos digitally, groups up to 5 with Scary Actors aka UZA MysCreation Monsters, Valentines backdrop. Due to Covid 19, You are required to wear a mask when not in your photo session. During the photo session, you may remove your mask. Scare Actors aka UZA MHA Monsters will be wearing a mask the whole time. 2935 W Libby St, Phoenix, AZ 85053, USA A portion of the proceeds will go to OddIty 13 INC Nonprofit Embrace Your Oddity! OddIty focuses on Anti-Bullying Education, Educating on Living with a Purpose, Personal Empowerment, and Using Leadership and Diversity Skills to Better Yourself and the Community! Ravbies and CRAZED CANNIBAL CAVER are having a Blood Fest a Valentine's Day celebration again! Monsters like holidays, too! These monsters just happened to awaken a sleeping spirit while they were busy celebrating their Valentines Day. This sleeping spirit awoke from his slumber of the past, his name is Death Warden, but he was also known as the serial murderer the Valentines Day Killer. Death Warden hates, more, love, romance, and Valentines Day. He had a special Valentine who happened to break his heart and so he vowed to never love anyone again. Now he comes back every February to take and break the hearts of others. MysCreation Haunted Attraction is a Year-Round TRAVELING Haunted Attraction with Holiday themes. Top 3rd of 14 Best Haunted Houses and Halloween Attractions in Phoenix By Phoenix New Times Voted Scariest Haunt Arizona 2019 By Proud Members of The Haunted Attraction Association and AZ Haunters. 3 Different Levels of Scares: 1st Level is Eerily Entertaining Lights ON Animatronics ON with Live Actors and NO Scares 2nd Level Creepily Cautious Lights OFF Animatronics ON with Live Actors and MILD Scares 3rd Level Horribly Haunting Lights OFF Animatronics ON with Live Actors and EXTREME Scares NEW THEME for 2020-2021 RAVBIES ** A Dance Party gone horribly wrong and a Zombie Outbreak happens at this Rave Dance Party. These Zombies are hungry and want to continue the Party and Feast on the living and take the Cannibals food before they can get it. This has made a Zombie vs Cannibal war on food. CRAZED CANNIBAL CAVERN ** Deep within the darkest depths of MysCreationis a quaint place for "few" called Crazed Cannibal Cavern. Junior and Sissy have died along with Billy and Linzie they were eaten alive by some zombies. Mama is still there with her son Baba Boe. Mama and Baba are hungry for human flesh and love visitors. Can you "actually" make it out alive yourself. You may have to surrender the weakest link(s) from your group to get your ownself safely out alive. I will be there waiting for you, just to see who "really" does make it out .... alive.

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