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Niles Scream Park
855Mayflower Road
Niles, Michigan, 49120

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The Niles Scream Park is not just scary--many consider it to be one of the top haunted attractions in the country! Certainly one of the largest, Niles Scream Park offers 44 acres of blood-curdling fear! Unlike other haunted houses, Niles rebuilds all six attractions each year to provide you with completely new and unique shows.

The professionally designed sets and ingenious scare-tactics led the Niles Scream Park to be recognized by Haunted Attraction Magazine as one of the “Top 31 Must-See Haunted Attractions” nationwide every year from 2013 through 2016! This is no mere roadside attraction! Come visit one of the country's premier haunted houses!

Five all-new attractions in 2017! The Niles Haunted House is the largest and most popular of our attractions. It's the one that has been with us since the beginning! Before you even get to the massive house, you must make your way along a long winding path with shaky bridges over dark ponds, foggy paths through trees and a completely blacked out guard building.

Once you get into the house, there are over 100 different paths through the attraction and it’s impossible to see it all with less than seven trips. Each year the rooms, theme, sound effects and scares are changed to provide a fresh show every year!

Once you make it through the House, you still have to survive the “rear swamp” which also has many scares and monsters to frighten patrons.

Possessed - In an attempt to communicate with the spirits they sensed in their new home, the Adlers foolishly experimented with an Ouija Board and unwittingly opened a portal for the undead! The mansion has been boarded up and left vacant ever since. Neighbors are demanding the Adler mansion be exorcized to prevent the spirits from spreading throughout the town.

Incarcerated - The warden of the maximum security prison, Four Flags Penitentiary, faked a violent inmate riot to turn the public against the prisoners. During the riot, however, the inmates collectively turned on the prison guards and overthrew the penitentiary.

Make sure to also visit the outdoor attractions! A favorite is the Field of Screams. With mazes to disorient you and classic killers out to get you, you will not come out the same person...if you come out at all!

The Dark Terror-tory Haunted Hayride: If the other attractions have made you tired of running, you can get on board a trailer and ride the Dark Terror-tory Haunted Hayride. The trail is approximately a mile long and filled with more than 30 sets that are woven together into a narrative that changes each year. A mix of humor and scares, the ride is certainly not a normal Fall hayride through quiet woods.

We SCARE because we CARE! While you're trembling, you're also helping a good cause. The Park raises money for a wide variety of local charities. In 2016, it generated more than $124,000 for Michiana area communities, a significant portion of which went to more than 50 not-for-profit organizations such as Boy Scout groups, church youth groups, the American Cancer Society, the Make-A-Wish Foundation and college and high school booster groups.

Since 1996, the Niles Haunted House has donated more than 1.7 million dollars!!

Black Out!

One last weekend of frights! Brave the attractions in the pitch black with only a glow stick to guide you. All the lights will be out...will you be able to make it through or will something in the dark get you?

Friday, November 3 and Saturday, November 4, 2017.