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  • The Power of FEAR is Eternal!
  • The 2021 Haunted Farm Opens October 1st!
  • The Haunted Farm Presents: REUN10N - Celebrating 10 Years Of Terror!
  • The fear Is real! The Haunted Farm is back! NC's best haunted house attraction!
  • Are You Prepared To Be Scared?! Experience NC's Best Haunted House!
  • Can You Handle The Fear?
  • The Haunted Farm Presents: DEATHYARD - A Short FIlm
  • The Haunted Farm - VOTED Best Haunted House Attraction in NC
  • The Haunted Farm presents
  • NC's BEST Haunted House - The Haunted Farm - Hendersonville, NC
  • The Haunted Farm - Hendersonville, NC - 2016

Voted NC's BEST Haunted Halloween Attraction! Located in rural farmland near Hendersonville and Asheville, NC, The Haunted Farm sits on a mysterious, blood-soaked stretch of land where the forlorn and deranged Missy Mae Lively eternally pines for her lost groom. The Haunted Farm is BACK for three bloody and romantic nights in February 2019! Bring your Valentine on the date of their dreams... er... nightmares! Take a lovely stroll through The Woods of Bleeding Hearts and then work your way through the haunted maze - including The Tunnel of Tormented Love! Remember, 'The couple that slays together, stays together!'We promise you will leave broken hearted!!
"Love You To Death 3" 2019 Dates : Feb 14, 15, & 16 Time: Dark - 11PM
We invite you, your friends and family, and whomever it is that you cling to in your most fearful moments, to join us this Valentine's Day Season for a romantic evening (or four!) of Fun and Fear!

Website :
624 Townsend Road
Hendersonville, North Carolina, 28792

Contact Phone : (828) 702-7911
Email :

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Celebrating 11 Years of Terror! Voted NC's Best Haunted Halloween Attraction! The Haunted Farm is located in rural farmland near Hendersonville, close to Asheville, NC. The Haunted Farm sits on a mysterious, blood-soaked stretch of land where the forlorn and deranged Missy Mae Lively eternally pines for her lost groom. Prepare to be thrilled with horrifying and frightful fun. There are three main parts to the Farm – The Woods, The Farm, and The DEATHYARD! If you are brave enough, roam The Haunted Trail, The Meathouse, The Demon Hay Shed, The Slaughterhouse, The ALL-NEW Sanatorium, and many other themed attractions in one long walkthrough! Please visit our website for more information regarding our Covid Safety Rules and Guidelines! TICKETS ON SALE NOW!


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October 1st - 31st | Dark until 10:30PM Sunday, Dark until 11:30PM Fri/Sat.
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The Haunted Farm
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We went last night and have to say how awesome it was. We have been going every year and always have a great time, but the new additions and the actors put this way over the top. Have to say it is the best haunt around. We travel a lot to the different haunts and are pretty jaded, but the Haunted Farm 2021 delivered . Do whatever you can do to go this year .
Posted 10/24/2021
Great place! They actually changes things every year, for real! It's truly amazing.
Posted 10/01/2019
Mama daughter
Best scare loved it we had the next time there dark rooms got us good could not figure out where to go smacking in to walls lol will go back next year hope they do there Valentine one never been but after seeing the Halloween one I will
Posted 11/01/2018
Best Haunted Attraction By Far!
I've been to several different haunted attractions and this one is by far the best! Worth every penny! My son loves this place too! It is the best seeing him and hos friends get so freaked out!
Posted 10/31/2018
Badass Haunted House
Worth every damn penny. Badass costumes. Badass sets. Badass actors masks and makeup. Its also the longest haunted house walkthrough Ive been too. A the different areas were really well done. Not just a sea of black plastic walls like other places either.
Posted 10/26/2018
Best in North Carolina!!!!
We have been going to the Haunted Farm for years.Every year we are so blown away by the new changes and growth of the attraction. It is a must visit! My wife and I are huge haunt fans and travel to several states each year. We have been to the top rated in the country and have to say the Haunted Farm is right up there with the best. We are so lucky to have the Farm here, and if you live outside the area , you need to make plans to not miss it . You will not be disappointed!
Posted 10/13/2018
Get your scare on
Became a tradition among my fiance, my mom and myself. I go several times. Love that they started doing a Valentine's day. Highly recommend to everyone.
Posted 10/11/2018
So realistic!!
The haunted farm makes you feel like your in a scary movie that you might not get out of ! I go every year and they always switch it up. Definitely worth bringing all your friends and family! I have to say this is the best haunted house I have been to so far!
Posted 10/10/2018
Best ever!
I've gone to the Haunted Farm every year since it first opened! It never gets old since it changes every season. It's great to have something fun and thrilling to do in this little town of Hendersonville.
Posted 10/10/2018
First timer 2018
After working on a different haunted attraction for several years, my family and I are planning to visit The Haunted Farm this year. Absolutely love the back story and the videos! Friends have visited in previous years and have said this is a great attraction!!!
Posted 10/10/2018
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