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Named one of the TOP 13 Haunted Houses in America in 2017, HUSH is back for 2018; Expanded. 100% All NEW. And scarier than ever. Visit the now quarantined small town of HUSH Falls where top government contractor the HUSH Corporation is oddly calling all the shots. Can you survive the outbreak, and discover the secrets that lurk deep in the HUSH Falls Department of Public Works?

Website :
37550 Cherry Hill Road
Westland, Michigan, 48185

Contact Phone : 7345026026
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Welcome to HUSH: One of the greatest haunted houses in Michigan. Brimming with fearful atmosphere and spine-tingling scares lurking around every corner, Hush earns its stars by striking at your deepest, darkest fears. Once you enter, you are at the mercy of the monsters inside. And it will be the most fun you’ll have while getting scared! HUSH Haunted Attraction has earned a local and national reputation being ranked as one of Metro Detroit's BEST Haunted Houses. Known for Hollywood quality sets, high quality actors, and an action packed, heart pumping layout HUSH is back for the 2021 season, bigger and more intense and immersive than ever! Our Mission is Simple. We aim to provide unique, seasonal immersive entertainment experiences in the heart of Metro Detroit. Our award-winning actors and movie-quality sets come together to create a trip worth losing sleep over.

HUSH Haunted Attraction
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mouse over on COLOR DATE for hours.

I love hush haunted house. I went last year in 2019. It was awesome and I definitely recommend going there. There are usually long waits, but there are actors scaring you while you wait in line. Hush haunted house is my favorite part of spooky season
Posted 04/21/2020
over priced and beyond lame
Maybe it's because I'm 50 and don't find 20 something's very scary. Maybe it's the fact it's held in a skating rink and the uncanny resemblance to a bad halloween store that made it about as scary as watching a horror movie in a small window on a desk top. Or maybe it was the fact it was $150 for three people and it lasted .5 hours that made it so bad. I'd heavily recommend this. I get to give the bad review since I spent the $150 and got annoyed by this lame attempt at scaring peopl
Posted 11/01/2019
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Posted 02/27/2019
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Posted 02/27/2019
Don't even consider coming unless you are going to pay for VIP. Over a 3 hour wait. Poor organization. With multiple people cutting the line. Expensive to begin with and not worth the money or time.
Posted 10/16/2016
Great Value, Great Experience!
This is one of the best haunted houses I have been to in years. While it wasn't that scary (none are anymore when you've been to as many as I have), the overall atmosphere, actors, and props were some of the best I've seen. The actors alone were the best I've ever encountered and each filled their individual role with stunning results. They each had their own backstories and unique dialogue that made the "town" feel like an actual town, rather than everyone just jumping out and yelling at you. This was by far the best aspect of the haunted house, which featured a very creative town filled with numerous areas and eye catching props perfectly combined into some memorable scenes. The walk-through was also perfectly spaced out, due to actors blocking your path to talk with you and each group was allowed in by themselves (rather than being sent inside in groups of 8 or sometimes more). This was a huge plus, as it allowed us the opportunity to get the full experience. We found a $3 off coupon in the Fear Finder, making the experience $15 each, which is hard to beat these days. Overall, an amazing experience that left me thoroughly entertained from start to finish. I would rate my experience here as an "A", a designation I rarely give out for haunted houses.
Posted 10/10/2016
Disgusting fat guy!!!!
This started off well and I didn't know what to expect going around each wall. Yes!!!! Fun and frightening!!!! I made it out ....but at the last corner there stood this fat weird looking man dressed like a dead crazy quack doctor holding a bowl with something in it. He turned around and flicked water all in our face. I don't know if the water was clean or dirty but I do know that it went All over my face and my eyes. That was unexpected and rude. That really spoiled my fun.???????? never will I ever visit Again!!!
Posted 10/11/2015
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