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Night Terrors Haunted House in Ypsilanti near Ann Arbor, Michigan is a MI haunted house thrill park that puts terror in your face with 6 Great Attractions...No Sissys, No Wimps, No Excuses! Click this profile for directions, information, photos, videos, and more.

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5565 Merritt Rd
Ypsilanti, Michigan, 48197

Contact Phone : 734-482-7758
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MI Haunted House HIGHLIGHTS: We put terror in your face with 5 Nationally Acclaimed Attractions! The Asylum, Ultimate Haunted Barn, Mindshaft, Haunted Hayride, & Alien Caged Clowns. We also have performers wandering the grounds, a country store, fire pits and Scary-o-kee Karaoke! The Asylum: In 1912, Dr. Jeremiah Wiard founded the Wiard’s Asylum as an alternative to the cold, stark institutions run by the state. All was well in the beginning; the patients behaved, the staff was friendly and the grounds were well kept. But, as time went by, the mood changed, and asylum became a dangerous place for both patients and staff. Concerned family members removed their loved ones until only the criminally insane were left. Security decreased as the staff began to quit. During this period Dr. Wiard also began to go through personal changes. His grip on reality slipped. For several days he didn’t come to work, and his assistant went to check on him at home. When he arrived, he found the front door open and blood on the porch. As he entered the home, he found Dr. Wiard’s family laying on the living room floor, each of them dissected with their skin pinned back. Dr. Wiard was standing in the corner, glassy-eyed and mumbling to himself. Jeremiah Wiard was made a ward of his own asylum, which eventually fell into ruin. One fateful night a storm knocked out the power and the building went black. Neighbors heard screams coming from the asylum but there was no light to see what was happening. At daybreak, the police arrived to find the building empty with no signs of any crime. No one was inside and no one was ever found there again. Since that date, the old asylum has been abandoned. But recently, strange lights and cries have been coming from the building, and neighbors have reported pet mutilations, destruction to property and unknown footprints on their lawns. You’re thinking of going in there? Are you crazy? -------------------- The Ultimate Haunted Barn: As the story goes, fifty years or so ago, thieves were looting the orchard barn when a hungry bear wandered in, looking for a midnight snack. Little did he know he’d found more than just the fresh apples to satisfy his appetite. The bear blocked the only way out of the barn and the thieves were trapped among the crates of apples. They tried to scare him off, but the bear tore them limb from limb until there was no way to tell shredded flesh from the shredded apples the bear went for next. Once his stomach was full, and his lips were wet with blood and juice, the bear lumbered off into the night. By the time the orchard workers found the bodies, the stench was putrid. They decided that since there was no means of identifying the thieves, and they didn’t want to draw attention to the tragedy, they buried the remains in the floor and sealed the barn until time erased the memory of this gruesome event. Years later, the barn was opened again, its dark history long forgotten. Workers didn’t think anything of the odd noises and flickering lights to begin with but then the whispers and screams came. The thieves never escaped their fate… will you? --------------------


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Night Terrors Michigans Largest Chills & Thrills Park
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MI Haunted House SPECIAL EVENTS: Check our website regularly at for updates and special events. For pricing:

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I had done an earlier review and as a long time patron, always had a great time at this haunt. tonight (oct 21st) headed out with a car load of people only to discover that they wanted $44 per person for an event that would be well worth $24 to $28 per person. The haunt industry in Michigan is dying under the weight of it's own insatiable greed. You can get into major amusement parks for this amount of money. Night Terrors needs to re evaluate their self worth as they are delusional.
Posted 10/21/2016
Big Disappointment
We traveled 107 miles one way to go to this attraction. So sad when they sent us through The Asylum, The Mineshaft and The Haunted Barn in groups of 12 to 16 people! How can you enjoy a haunted house with that big of a group. We ended up in the back of the groups and missed all the scary scares. Wish I wouldn't have wasted my time and money. Would be so much better if they did small groups of like 4 people, most other places we have been to do this. Would not recommend and will not return.
Posted 10/16/2016
A lot of hype, not much fun
I decided to make the long drive to see this haunted house because it was rated so highly in Michigan, as well as the entire US, but sadly it was one of the worst I've ever been to in my life. At $34 a person for the Big 4 and given the reviews, I had high expectations. While the 3 non hayride attractions were interesting, they weren't worth the price. The actors merely jumped out and yelled, often looking to startle you, more than actually scare you. The woman in the electric chair was unconvincing at best. The pace of the haunted houses (on a Sunday night with no one else in line) was rather disappointing, with the actors inside rushing us from room to room, which severely limited the enjoyment. Even worse, when we walked through the Barn, we were sent through in a group of 8, which is just too large to enjoy being scared or the props inside (again, on a Sunday night with 20 people in line, send us through in groups of 4). The props were decent, but mostly cliche and nothing memorable. The hayride, which I read was the 8th best in the US, was painful and a waste of time. Replace the hay from time to time, so we aren't sitting on a beanbag and don't let people sit on both sides, if all the action is really only on the one side. Half of us spent the ride looking at trees. Overall, this attraction was one of the worst I've ever attended and given the price, would never be something I would recommend (we even went on the cheapest day and saved $10). The best part of this haunted house was the free cider and donut after the hayride. I'd give this haunted house an "F".
Posted 10/10/2016
Bang for the buck
Night terrors is an entire night out. Great Halloween atmosphere, professionally run by a great staff. A few of the haunts are a bit mild but several are very decent. The hayride is also very well done. Again the overall atmosphere of the attraction screams that late October feel. Great time!!!
Posted 09/07/2016
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