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Abandoned knows how to entertain you and leave you with memories for a lifetime! Home to FOUR Haunted attractions, Abandoned is a top rated complex that has been voted Best Overall Haunted Event and Best Haunted Houses by the Chicago Halloween Guide. Abandoned has also been awarded top 13 from Haunted House Chicago! Home to: 1) Ambush Haunted house, a high startle, fast-paced indoor haunted house. 2) Hysteria Haunted House: an interactive fun-house type haunted house, with clowns, lighting effects, and close interactions with characters. 3) Stalker Haunted Cornfield - our outdoor haunted walk-through cornfield with both indoor and outdoor scenes and interactions throughout a wild environment, where you never know what's going to attack your senses next! 4) Shoot-a-Freak - where you are able to take your shoot your frustrations out on a fast-talking clown who deserves to get one right in the kisser! With Over 100 actors nightly, Abandoned is a professional state-of-the-art haunted house complex located right off I-94 between highway 20 and highway 11, just minutes from Chicago or Milwaukee.

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2825 Southeast Frontage Road
Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, 53177

Contact Phone : 262-866-1182
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Come for a FULL NIGHT OF FEAR! We have Four Haunted Attractions for you to experience: Abandoned is home to two indoor haunted houses: HYSTERIA, which is a mind-bending interactive haunted house and AMBUSH, our high-startle and attack haunted house, sure to scare just about everyone. Outside, we have Stalker Haunted Cornfield. Stalker combines the eerie feel of the back-wood outdoors with the suspenseful immersion of our indoor haunts to create an all new experience! We've also have SHOOT-A-FREAK, where you can take out your frustrations with a paintball gun. You can show our clown who the REAL boss is! Our Haunted House Complex located between Milwaukee and Chicago off I-94 in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin. We are very easy to find and get to, just look to sky for our search light! Abandoned Haunted Attraction is the scariest and best haunted house in Wisconsin! We are a top ranked professional Haunted House Complex just minutes from Chicago and Milwaukee, located right next to I-94 between Milwaukee and Chicago. Be prepared to be impressed visually, physically, and mentally!


Hate to wait?? Fastpasses are available for this event for only $10 more to skip the long lines!! Please see our website for more details on our events.


September 22, 28-29; October 5-6, 12-13, 19-21, 26-28; November 2-3 Ticket Booth Hours (we close the haunted houses when the lines end after these times): Fri & Sat: 7pm - 11:30pm Thu & Sun: 7pm - 10:00pm Be in the line by 6:45 to witness "The Rising"--you'll be able to see all of our costumed actors pass by the waiting lines to enter the houses for the night! It's a event that you need to witness in person!

Abandoned Haunted Complex
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Hate to wait?? Fastpasses are available for this event for only $10 more to skip the long lines!! Please see our website for more details on our events.

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So Much Fun!!
Went last Saturday with my girlfriend who loves haunted houses and had a blast. This was my first time there and felt it was the best one we have ever gone to. The new cornfield was my favorite part because they really scared my girlfriend bad! Hope to go back one more time this year!
Posted 10/12/2016
So much fun!!
I went last night with seven other people, we figured out the order we wanted to walk in but it didn't matter the actors knew how to scare and we ended up trying to beat each other out each room! The house itself is amazing, the smells and the set up are impressive. Definitely fun and scary!
Posted 10/31/2015
Now THIS is a haunted house!
I went this past Friday with some friends, we had an amazing time, it took us about 46 min to walk through. The line was crazy long but it was entertaining. A tall clown scared me, the actors were awesome both inside and outside they came at you from every where, even the ceiling. Some were creepy and some were funny.
Posted 10/26/2015
Now this is a Haunted House
From the line to the exit we were jumping yelling and laughing! Great actors, awesome makeup, perfect props with damn good attention to details! We will be going back!!
Posted 10/10/2015
I go every year. ??
This place Rocks. You have to check it out. Every year they change it around so it's never the same. It's really kuul. Even when you're in line the actors are out there entertaining every one. These guys really get into it. That's why i keep coming back. Well worth it guys.
Posted 10/09/2015
a lot of fun
Went opening night. Lots of changes from last year. Actors did a great job. Keep up the good scares Abandoned!
Posted 10/02/2015
very scary
Went last year with my girlfriend and had a blast. She screamed the entire way and I laughed so hard watching her go through. Highly recommend everyone to check it out! Will be back next year.
Posted 03/15/2015
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