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The Legend of Hell’s Hollow…. At This place called “HELL’S HOLLOW”, a legend is told to this day of an Indian named “HARTHEGIG” who mysteriously disappeared one late October night. Harthegig was a mean and angry Indian who would agitate all around him. 9 years after his disappearance a skeleton was found, believing it to be Harthegig , and a murder was then suspected. His spirit has since lingered in the HOLLOW, possibly the culprit of the strange sounds, especially vocal on dark and stormy nights. SPIRIT FALLS was named after many folks reported hearing moans, groans, laughter and screams coming from the falls. His uneasy spirit flits about and makes hideous noises, even heard above the howling winds, as he cannot rest and returns nightly to haunt the scene of the crime. Three levels of terror in the Bloody Barn, hang on for your life on the haunted hay ride of horror and find your way thru the frightening field of corn !!

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340 Bestwick Rd
Mercer, Pennsylvania, 16137

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3 levels of terror in the historic bloody barn, built in 1872. Haunted hay wagon of horror and the frightening field of corn. We're gonna scare the hell outa' ya !!

Hell's Hollow Haunt
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our guest rated this attraction
mouse over on COLOR DATE for hours.

Very fun way better than the so called big guns. Canfield is over priced this is best bang for buck
Posted 09/26/2017
Sooo much fun, screams and laughter
It was one of our greatest experience going to a haunted house! My husband and I are bring more people with us this coming season 2017.
Posted 08/13/2017
This place is awesome from the scary barn, to the hayride and corn field, a lot of actors this year, great concussion stand and nice bone fire to warm up at !
Posted 10/23/2016
Barn was open, really good haunt walk through, corn maze and hayride was closed because of rain.
Posted 10/22/2016
We had a great time costumes were really scary! The crew did wonderful! Bought a couple shirts too!
Posted 10/09/2016
A new haunt.
Had a great time. They really stepped up the hay ride experience. Really fun. Great effects too!
Posted 10/09/2016
Great Job
Great job to everyone that works at Hell's Hollow Haunt! The hayride was great, and the creepy person was really scary!
Posted 10/08/2016
Hell's Hollow has absolutely amazed me with their constant improvements, talented actors, and well thought out sets. My whole family loved it. The people running it were very kind and i was definitely scared. 10/10
Posted 09/27/2016
My First One
This was my first time going to a Haunted house, I went with a small group and we had fun, but we made it fun, there were not enough Monsters to really scare anyone and My B MF and me were having fun scaring other in our group. The hay ride wasn't to bad but again could have had more live monsters as well as the corn maze. All in All I believe that this could have been better but fell short do to lack of any real scare.
Posted 10/12/2015
Has potential
Setups are nice! Barn is creepy all by itself. It would be a good value if they had more actors. Actors or lack there of is where this falls flat on its face. Around every corner in the barn I was expecting something to jump out but that didn't happen. The hayride was even more disappointing. One poor guy was changing as fast as he could to run to the next spot and scare us. It was to the point that we made a joke out of it. He was out of breath by the end of the hayride. If I had to guess they may have had 15 actors through the whole haunt
Posted 09/26/2015
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