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  • Nashville Nightmare Haunted House - Madison, TN

Nashville Nightmare consists of four attractions, Horror High, Industrial Undead, Night Terrors, and Fairy Tale Hell. General admission includes all 4 attractions for the low price of just $30.

Website :
1016 Madison Square
Madison, Tennessee, 37115

Contact Phone : 615-864-7481
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Nashville Nightmare is middle TN's top rated Haunted Attraction. Nashville Nightmare has over 100 live actors, state of the art animations, and the best set detailing around. Nashville Nightmare is expanding yet again for 2015 with even bigger, better, Haunted Houses. Come check us out this fall!


Nashville's Scariest Haunted Attraction Featuring two Haunted Houses, Night Terrors and Horror High! - Night Terrors Admission -$20 Night Terrors + Horror High - $30 Slash Pass - $45


Halloween Season September - October December - A Nashville Nightmare Before Christmas February - My Bloody Nightmare Event - Friday & Saturday in September 8:00 - 12:00 Friday & Saturday in October 8:00 - 12:00 Sundays in October 7:30 - 10:00

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Nashville Nightmare
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Nashville's Scariest Haunted Attraction Featuring two Haunted Houses, Night Terrors and Horror High! - Night Terrors Admission -$20 Night Terrors + Horror High - $30 Slash Pass - $45

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Posted 01/11/2019
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Posted 08/18/2018
awesome needs improvement
So I attended this attraction on 10/8/2017. Upon arriving we were told to start with industrial undead and work our way down as intensity went up. I disagree because industrial undead was the most intense. The next 3 were great but needed a little more. Needed more use of the dark spots and a little more of the unexpected such as using the lockers in reformatory. If they were to put like 2/3 people in certain spots at a time it would have been heart stopping. There was a lot of times were mainly just walking through admiring the scenes. Also less large groups at a time going through because being with a large group you know what is coming. Overall this was definitely worth coming back to.
Posted 10/09/2017
Nashville night mare
Really scared
Posted 09/26/2016
Knocks the socks off of the competition!!
Nashville Nightmare is absolutely the best and by far the scariest indoor haunted house attraction in the Nashville area! Not to mention it is a great deal, considering $ cost of tickets. Nightmare offers 4 times the fun over the usual price of $20-$25 for 1 event. The best attention to detail, scariest makeup and special effects I've ever seen, it's worth the $30 because it's 4 scary as hell haunts/themes instead of the usual 1. Beats the pants off of the so called "Nashville's" longest running haunted house". The others are a ripoff compared to Nightmare!!
Posted 09/23/2016
Best in Tn!
By far the best haunted house in T.N. It was very well designed (very big featuring 2 attractions) with some outstanding actors and cinema quality make up. My group really enjoys making the trip and love how nightterrors is very long so you feel as if you have left reality, the only downside is with being so popular you have to expect to deal with a crowd. We recently went to their X-mas event and had loads of fun. It is very impressive for only being established for 5-6 yrs.I will be sure to come back next year.
Posted 12/21/2015
rocked my world
Had an amazing time! Can't wait till next year to see whats new!
Posted 11/05/2015
Exceeded all expectations
There are two haunted houses. Night Terrors was twice as big as any haunted attraction I've ever been to and it kept changing types of scares so you didn't know what to expect. Horror High is shorter, about the size of most all haunts but scared the crap out of two teenagers I took. One is a big 6ft 4inch tall basketball player who was so scared it took the whole 20 min ride home before he calmed down and could finally laugh about it.
Posted 11/02/2015
Too many people together
Good scenes, good actors, overall decent haunted house. But, they let a continuous line of people go through so that I could see the actors in the proceeding rooms. Took away a lot of the scare factor.
Posted 10/25/2015
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