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The Crypt at Jacobs Manor
307 Railroad Ave North
Leonard, North Dakota, 58052

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It was a dark and stormy night. Rain and wind lashed at the decrepit windows of the Crypt at Jacobs Manor. Steeped in the local lore of historic Leonard, North Dakota, this burial edifice was long forgotten to history as its bones lay mouldering amongst the weeds. It was 1994, when a young, intrepid and dashingly handsome young man and his beautiful bride broke through the thick, choking layers of rust embedded in its front doors hinges. The hinges screamed in squeaking ecstasy as they feigned protest to the intrusion of the living to the deads domain. But secretly, the residents within were joyous to once again have a connection to the living. The young couple relit the torches within thus breathing life once more into its echoed chambers that mourned for a mortals presence again. To the dead, remembering life was the pinnacle of pleasure. The things they loved and cherished are remembered and savored. .
The long dead spirits that dwelled within the Crypt struck a bargain with the young couple. For the mortals were kind and loving, and understood the deads need to reconnect with the living. Yet were not fearful as they also understood this was not a place of evil. Those sleeping within held no malice against the living. So, the young stewards of the Crypt agreed to open its doors to allow visitors. However, only for a limited time. Thus, the agreement was struck. For two weekends a year, choosing late October for, as everyone knows, this is the time that the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnestallowing mortals to reconnect easily with the dead.
Whereas the agreement has stood for quite some time. The young couple, still beautiful and debonair, continue to open the rusty doors to the Crypt at Jacobs Manor every late October. The cost of admission is humble, being simply something non-perishable for those less fortunate. Its then that merriment is made with long dead hearts soaring joyful once more as they walk amongst the living. Some are playful, some not as muchbut if your quite brave, and say your prayers at night when the wind howls and the trees scratch at your bedroom window begging to be let in. You can smile and know that your visit to the Crypt at Jacobs Manor isnt really that far away. And who knows? Perhaps one day, you too can join the merry ghosts within, and revel amongst the late Octoberin historic Leonard, North Dakota