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The Dark Side
N1255 Hoard Road
Ixonia, Wisconsin, 53036

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THE HAUNTED ATTRACTIONS Now in our 11th year we offer 6 haunts covering over 40 acres with a large indoor cue and concessions area. This year our guests will enjoy 2 Themed Haunted Houses, one of Americas most unique Hayrides, with the Midwests Largest Vortex Tunnel, A Pine Forest Trail, Our newest haunt which is a multi-level maze, and a Haunted Corn Maze all for one price.
Returning this year! ZOMBIE EXPEDITION In this attraction guests embark on custom designed wagons for a nearly half mile trek through seven meticulously built scenes from Americas favorite Zombie show taking out zombies with paint balls. Forget about those zombie shooting galleries you have seen before. This is 15 minutes of high energy, adrenaline pumping fun.
As guests claw their way through the pine forest they come upon an old rickety wooden bridge. Those who dare to cross the bridge emerge from the forest high in the air only to find themselves deposited in the middle of the Dark Sides newest haunt, Mephistopheles Lair. The fourth haunt of this terrifying evening features a chamber with more than a dozen doors most of which take you on a confusing adventure that eventually ends up once again in the chamber of doors giving guests the opportunity to make a wiser choice. The evil spirits move freely about the maze shocking visitors with their presence. To raise the anxiety level to new heights a twist has been added to the Lair. The maze changes so routes that once worked for escape bring you back to the chamber and a new door will allow you on your way if you can find it. Not to worry the I QUIT door always works.
As guests disembark the wagon in the midst of a pitch black pine forest they make their way towards a small fire where they are greeted by an old woman who tells the story about the history of the woods. The story is about Grandma Townsend and her group of mutant children that lived in and still inhabit the woods. This third haunt is called Backwoods Revenge. Guests now have a chance to encounter the community built by these children separated from the rest of the world. This haunt features highly detailed scenes including a toxic waste dump, Butcher shop that specializes in meat from travelers, a hunting cabin, and a great grave yard scene with low lying fog, thunder, lightning, wind and of course actors with impeccable timing. Those who escape the lair find themselves standing before a large rusty corn crib inhabited by something unhuman. This is the entrance to Schizophrenia the fifth haunt of the night. Here guests find their way around ten foot tall corn stalks encountering all sorts of farm related props and farm hands that appear out of nowhere. A unique feature of this haunt is a sense of chaos created by the farm hands yelling to one another and engaging guests with their suggestions of how to escape from the corn. The poor souls that heed these suggestions often find themselves back in the middle of the maze only to be badgered once again. Victims of the pandemonium find themselves having a great time interacting with the farm hands until one of the farm hands appears out of nowhere and scares the hell out of them. You know you are close to escaping the chaos when you come upon a cabin set on the edge of a swamp with an old man on the front porch hurling insults at intruders as they walk across his old wooden bridge.
The second haunt is called Twilight Nightmare and is the haunted hayride part of this incredible night. As soon as the wagon pulls up you realize you have never been on a haunted hayride like this before. The black wagons are custom designed to look a bit like a horse drawn hearse but are essentially a moving theater with their rows of bench seats all facing forward. When the wagon stops eerie blue lights reveal steps along the entire side of the wagon for boarding. In only seconds 40 terrified souls are on board and the story of the Wilton family begins. The wagon moves in sync with an original soundtrack along the banks of a river, through a wooded swamp, across fields, next to ponds and into a pitch black pine forest. Along its path are movie quality sets, energetic actors with detailed costumes and makeup, huge animatronics, loud sounds and tons of pyrotechnics. The wagons have design features which allow the actors to interact with the guests and the wagon like you have never seen before. In one of the scenes the wagon passes through the Midwests largest vortex tunnel. The illusion of an entire wagon full of guests flipping over is nothing short of incredible. If the eerie outdoor setting, the fact that actors come at you from all angles, and you often find yourself on the edge of your seat is not enough, the Dark Side engineers have designed into the wagons a number of tricks that sends their guests into sensory overload. This 4D experience is nothing like anything you have encountered before or will again.