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Hanna Haunted Acres
7323 E. Hanna Ave.
Indianapolis, Indiana, 46239

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We have two brand new haunts for 2014 Hooded & Outbreak Saw has been upgraded with multiple new twists We open our season on Friday, Sep 26th 2014 and run through Saturday, Nov 1st 2014.
Hanna Haunted Hayride : Our newly renovated hayride will take you through dark, mystifying woods filled with scary creatures just waiting to meet their next victims. This tractor drawn hayride will have you terrified as soon as you enter, and the assault does not end until you make it through the surprising and terrifying end. The wide range of animated and real characters will leave you wondering just what creatures are lurking in the dark, where you will see everything from of an evil troll guarding his domain, to a terrifying spirit that is sure to keep you awake at night. With tons of new surprises, our hayride is a must see, even if you have visited before, if you have the guts to enter!
Scarecrow's Revenge : This moonlit five acre corn maze will leave you terrified, providing you ever find your way out. The scarecrows have grown tired of standing on their posts, and have come to life to take their revenge on anyone who dares to enter their domain. If you love those cute little scarecrows in your garden, a visit to our corn maze will show you what happens when nature truly comes to life. Our hidden monsters and evil scarecrows have been waiting to find their next victims, and they will do everything they can to make sure you stay with them forever.
Outbreak : New in 2014! Step into Outbreak, where the release of toxic chemicals has resulted in a bizarre condition that is equally disturbing and horrifying. As you wander through this town, – including the facility responsible for the hell that this place has become - beware the creatures lurking around every corner. It is still unknown exactly how the sickness spread, but the results leave little doubt that these people will never regain their humanity. Can you handle the horror and make it to the end, or will you take a wrong turn and end up as just another monstrosity forever stuck in a mindless hell?
Hooded : New in 2014! Our demons are angry, and they have come to take revenge on those who dare to trespass into their domain. You will be forced to wear a cloth hood, your only guide the rope that leads you deeper into the pits of Hell. Is that really your friend grabbing you, or is something more sinister lurking in the dark? Is it just your imagination, or did you really feel the cold touch of one of our soulless masses as they try to drag you away from the rope that is the final shred connecting you to reality? You may think you’re ready for the journey, but can you handle losing part of your senses to get there? So you think nothing can scare you. Sure, you can handle those things that you can see, but can you survive when you are deprived of your senses? Step on up to Hooded. Experience a hellish world where you can see nothing – not even who or what might be touching you as the rope guides you deeper into the abyss. You will need to sign a waiver before the hood is slipped over your head. Recommended for 13 years and older.