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Built in 1910, The Griffin Hotel was once THE place to stay when traveling to or through Griffin. The Chamber of Commerce office was in the hotel, and a Tuesday Luncheon Club met in the hotel’s dining/ball room. Though the actual hotel closed in the late 1970’s, it has not lost its reputation among the locals. It is even rumored to have a tunnel leading from a former brothel to the hotel basement. There have been numerous unexplained experiences and sightings over the last few decades, including young children on the 4th floor, items that seem to disappear and reappear out of no where, and hearing glasses clinking, laughing, and music coming from the once glorious ballroom. Groups of paranormal investigators have been invited to the hotel in search of proof, but few have actually made it through the night. The basement, which holds the original water heater, and floods everytime it rains, used to hold underground fights in a large pit. There are even rumors that men would wrestle bears in the pit. The hotel is opening to the public for the first time in decades as Sinister Suites haunted house. Keeping the original architecture of the building, guests can now walk through all 5 floors, including over 15 themed guest rooms, and a completely repurposed penthouse suite.

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132 West Solomon Street
Griffin, Georgia, 30223

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Sinister Suites Haunted Hotel
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Posted 12/19/2018
Amazing place love the atmosphere
Love this place such a great haunt and definitely recommend to anyone!
Posted 10/25/2016
Mediocre an amateur
Hate it . they 'actors' are really just teenagers with cheap fake blood and ripped white t shirts. Sucked
Posted 10/08/2016
Was better last year
There is a lot of dead space where you walk through and nothing happens. Some of the actors just stand there and do nothing. Not enough actors for the large space.
Posted 10/07/2016
I went through before I started working it to become familiar, and I was scared out of my mind. youll experience so many things that are out of this world terrifying. our actors and actresses are freaking talented, also... I suggest coming out & maybe bring extra underwear... we've had accidents.. it's that's terrifying.
Posted 10/30/2015
It's pretty freaky. one of the best for sure. I recommend it, but don't take my word for it...go check it out.
Posted 10/18/2015
Holy Crap!!!
This place is one of the most amazing haunted houses I've been too and I've been to a lot. If you like the old time scares more than all the special effects and animatronics then this is the place for you. These scare actors are some of the best in the business!!! This place is amazing!!!! It's got to be in the top 10 easily!!!!!!!!! Bring a extra pair of underwear , you just might need them.....
Posted 10/13/2015
I get scared easy and it wasn't even that scary. some of the scareactors need a bit more training or experience, some of the masks and costumes i saw at walmart, overall, it was a decent length and the people up front are nice. they advertise well, great location just expected more especially for the price.
Posted 10/06/2015
it was even better than last year, okay the nurses really got me
Posted 10/04/2015
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