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Dread Hollow - a place where evil lives. Make your way through this ominous town to the ghostly Belle Royale Hotel with its bone-chilling paranormal activity of tormented souls. Stumble into the seemingly idyllic Harley Farm where the depraved farmer reaps those who dare to trespass to satisfy the The Harvester's demand for blood. Deep in the shadowy outskirts of Dread Hollow, you wander into the abandoned fairgrounds of the cursed Brine Bros. Circus, where the demented sideshow freaks beckon you to forever join them in their Cirque de Fatale. You can run, but there's nowhere to hide from the sinister darkness covering 20,000+ square feet of pure horror with 3 haunts combined into 1 nightmare. We'll be waiting for you!

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321 Browns Ferry Road
Chattanooga, Tennessee, 37419

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Chattanooga's #1 Haunted Attraction & Escape Rooms are back with an all-new experience for 2021! Darkness & evil twist & writhe through the town of Dread Hollow, waiting for prey. Tormented apparitions, black magic, & inhumane secrets. There is No Mercy. Don't be caught dead without advance tickets. ALL tickets are time-entry by advance reservation ONLY at WARNING: Extreme Haunt Attraction! Not recommended for children under 12 Open October 1st - 31st Thursdays: 8-10pm Fridays: 8-11pm Saturdays: 7-11pm Sundays 7-10pm

Dread Hollow
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Posted 03/31/2021
Had a great time last weekend when they opened. The sets were amazing. Had to wear a mask thanks to COVID-19, but it wasn't a big deal. They did a good job keeping groups together who came together. My friend and I screamed our heads off, especially in Harbinger Bay. I also loved the brothel (that was unexpected!)
Posted 10/06/2020
SO much fun!
Such a fun haunt to visit. Great sets! Nothing like it in the area. Can't wait to see what they come up with this year.
Posted 08/28/2020
You have to go!
Dread Hollow is the perfect mix of scary and fun. I went with a group of friends and we all had a blast. You would never know what they have created inside from looking at the building, which is part of what makes a night at Dread Hollow something different. Next time, we are going to try an escape room too. TIP: Don't let your guard down, they tend to surprise you when you least expect it.
Posted 09/25/2019
The sets and costumes are amazing!
This is one of the most detailed haunts I've been too. Extremely well done, and scary as hell!!
Posted 10/16/2018
Best Haunt!!!
This haunt is the best and scariest haunt around, from the actors, scenes, props and special effects. This is a must see haunt!!!
Posted 10/04/2016
Simply the best haunted thrill ride around.
Posted 10/10/2015
I can't even imagine the difficulty of making a haunt comply to code and be inside a cave... BRAVO to the crew at RFHC for putting together another excellent show this year!
Posted 10/06/2015
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