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The legendary Bennett's Curse is back in 2018 with our most terrifying show to date! We are proud to introduce Bennett's Curse MONSTER FEST! With an even greater focus on fear, you will NOT find a SCARIER haunted house anywhere around. From asylum patients to classic monsters and everything in between MONSTER FEST will offer everything you've come to expect from Maryland/DC's #1 Halloween Attraction, and a whole lot more!! We've taken our best scares and best scenes along with our scariest monsters while adding many amazing new surprises all combining to unleash pure terror on all those brave enough to visit. Visit us at our all new location at 7875A Eastpoint Mall in Baltimore County, MD next to Gabe's for an amazing value to enter one of America's best Haunts!

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7875 Eastpoint Mall
Baltimore, Maryland, 21224

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Bennett’s Curse Haunted Attraction in Baltimore county, Maryland, with it’s close proximity to Washington DC and southern Pennsylvania continues to dominate the Mid-Atlantic region from Philadelphia to Richmond and is renowned and highly respected in the haunted world. With our easily accessible location at our new temporary facility, the Legendary Bennett’s Curse is back with our SCARIEST show ever unleashed in our 18 years of operation! This is the show all Haunted House fans will be talking about as we've taken the best of what you've come to fear and created the ALL-NEW show Bennett's Curse MONSTER FEST ! We've taken our best scenes, and MONSTERS from all of our shows which include LEGENDS OF HALLOWEEN, UNDERWORLD, RAVENBROOK ASYLUM, INFERNO 3D, and even COULROPHOBIA and merged them into a total shock to your senses. With a stronger focus on FEAR and SCARES! You WILL NOT find a better or scarier Haunted House anywhere else! If you go to just one Haunted House this year, go to the scariest, go to the best, go to Bennett's Curse MONSTER FEST! Bennett’s Curse has continued to be the first to introduce to its guest the latest and most cutting edge technology for their enjoyment, and their goal of revolutionizing the Haunted House industry in Maryland has made them a Halloween tradition in the region. With thousands of loyal fans demanding the best, Bennett’s Curse delivers year after year! Bennett’s Curse has been featured on the Travel Channel show “America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions”, and the hit show “Making Monsters” as well as the NFL Network. Consistently ranked by many sources as one of the best Halloween Attractions in the US, Bennett’s Curse has been selected for year after year as one of “America’s Best Haunts, one of the “25 Must see Haunted Attractions” from Haunted Attraction Magazine, and one of the top 13 haunts by Hauntworld magazine, the #1 authority on Haunted Attraction rankings, also an official selection as one of America Haunts, which includes the scariest and most prominent Haunted Houses and Attractions in America, and many more. Bennett’s Curse is a short ride from Washington DC, Delaware, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Come, experience Bennett’s Curse for yourself, and see why it’s the best and the scariest Haunted House in the region!


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SPECIAL EVENTS AT BENNETT'S CURSE HAUNTED HOUSE Monster Fest Laser Tag Opening Weekend September 21-22, 2018 Demon Baby Scavenger Hunt October 7,11,14,18, 21 & 25, 2018 Black Out Night November 2-3, 2018 Krampus "A Haunted Christmas" December 7-8, 2018 Visit for more details on the events listed above. Please be sure to pick the date you want to attend prior to adding the tickets to your cart. All sales are final. No Refunds.

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Posted 01/07/2021
Im so disappointed my kids and I waited tonight for 2 hours and 15 min to get in and the police came police helicopters the police blocked the entrance and said its officially locked down and wouldnt let us in. We attempted to call multiple times and text the number given and no response. Again asked the police are they sure while they were looking through car windows and they said no ones getting in and of course it says online no refund. Im highly disappointed it ruined our night. I will not return the money we spent for four people we cant get back.
Posted 11/01/2020
Im so disappointed my kids and I waited tonight for 2 hours and 15 min to get in and it was closed down due to helicopters and police blocking every entrance!!! Tried to call someone and the phones kept ringing!!!! I WANT A FULL REFUND OF MY $57.90 back! I will be disputing this charge and either way my money will be refunded! Baltimore is the most ghetto place ever and we shouldve just stuck with Virginias haunted houses instead of this crime infested area! I will be going to the BBB if my money is not returned!
Posted 11/01/2020
a group of 5 of us went last night during covid. Highly recommended, worth your money , great. actors , excellent social distancing and car virtual waiting. Plenty of Jump scares !!! Will go again with other friends.
Posted 10/12/2020
Sad How Far This Has Fallen
I relied on the rankings from this website and not sure how in the world they could be true. Went to this location and was seriously scared for my safety. I am pretty sure it is located in the same mall that was shown on TV during the Baltimore riots when they were damaged. We went the Saturday night before halloween and there were no lines which should have been a good indicator that it wasnt popular anymore. I am not going to get into a deep review but this was not good. There were very few actors and several props werent working. It had a feel that it was under a lot of distress and nothing new has been added since we went several years ago that we noticed. It was a lot better under the big tent. Sorry to have to say all this but Bennett's has gone downhill and needs a new safe location. Wont be back. I like Legends, Field of Screams in Maryland and Markoffs Haunted Trail better.
Posted 05/09/2020
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