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IAAPA SHOW 2021 - November 16-19 Should Haunters Attend?
Sat, November 13, 2021

The tradeshows are slowly coming back!  Transworld and IAAPA got canceled back in 2020 and Transworld got delayed 3 months into late May 2021.  Transworld is back on target for March 17-20, 2022 in St Louis learn more click here:  HAASHOW 

Finally IAAPA show will happen for the first time in two years!  IAAPA show will be smaller due to travel restrictions and the attendance is predicting out at about 50%.  Either way IAAPA show is back!  Should haunted house owners attend the IAAPA show 2021?  We're going to offer you the same opinion we always give haunted house owners?  YES and NO!  Should haunted house owners attend this show every single year?  The answer is NO but should they attend once every couple years YES!  Why not attend the IAAPA show every year?  Well honestly its not much different than the haunt show, a lot of the same stuff every single year.  However at least with the haunt show you're looking for monsters, masks, make up, costumes and more at IAAPA you must look harder to find stuff you might be interested in.  When you visit IAAPA every single year, you'll find not much changes, and the education is not relevant to you.  But c'mon already its ORLANDO have some FUN not to mention IAAPA is over 600,000 square feet of pure amusement.  

IAAPA is without ANY DOUBT the biggest amusement tradeshow in the WORLD!  If you haven't ever attended IAAPA you will find all kinds of products and resources you didn't know was available.  More of the IAAPA vendors should display at Transworld but they don't, so you must go to them this weekend in Orlando. 

We're NOT expecting to see much we haven't seen before at IAAPA, but if you haven't been in a while or ever, you're in for a real eye popping experience.  Prepare to find every food vendors, game or ride supplier, video games, animations, cool props, to all kinds of equipment you can utilize at your attraction.  Haunted Houses owners need to diversify, take your experience and open escape rooms, mini golf, axe throwing, something that generates year around revenue.  If this is something you're interested in doing GO TO IAAPA this week and while there hit up Disney and Universal the perfect one two reason for attending.  If you're now offering games then you will find people who sell prizes.  Do you want to sell light up toys its all there.  IAAPA is the amusement playground.  Hope to see you! 

Learn more about IAAPA at 

IAAPA show runs from Tuesday thru Friday the 19th of November, in Orlando Florida.   COME SEE BLACKLIGHT ATTRACTIONS at BOOTH 4467 on the Main Isle 

NOTE:  Hauntworld will cover the 2021 Tradeshow and produce a highlights video and post several photos on the Fright Forum Message Board.  Keep checking back! 

Watch a video from our friend Carpetbagger 


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