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Field of Screams
191 College Ave
Mountville, Pennsylvania, 17601

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America's #1 Haunted Attraction! Located in Mountvile, PA and home to The Haunted Hayride, Den of Darkness, Frightmare Asylum, and Nocturnal Wasteland. Every year we make improvements and changes to each attraction. The experience is never the same. Each bone-chilling attraction will leave you trembling with adrenaline, and wanting more! The four attractions are highlighted below!
The Haunted Hayride --- The Haunted Hayride takes you deep into the cornfield where you will be attacked by mutant pigs, brain-eating zombies, toxic villains, psycho clowns, and many more. Prepare yourself for the most intense, heart-pounding ride of your life!
The Frightmare Asylum --- In this four story horror barn, demented doctors and nightmarish nurses use their patients for their experiments. Their disturbing experiments cause mutated patients to become things of nightmares. Try to make it out alive while the doctors turn to you for their next experiments. With cackling clowns, electroshock therapy, and twisted patients, the Frightmare Asylum will leave you screaming to get out of the madness alive!
The Den of Darkness --- This 170-year-old original structure is haunted with the many souls that dared enter before you. The dismal passages, and maddening mazed will have you feeling lost and confused, while the savage inhabitants claw at your skin and whisper in your ears. The NEW doll shop within the Den of Darkness is home to the mutilated bodies of porcelain dolls that come to life at the hands of the deranged dollmaker! Pay to get in, Pray to get out!
The Nocturnal Wasteland --- Nocturnal Wasteland lies in the foreboding woods at Field of Screams and is full of inhabitants from another world and time! They do not want you trespassing on their land and you will have to pay for every step you take. The new catwalk will give you a thrill that has never before been experienced at a haunted attraction. Grip the rails as explosions ring out all around you and you listen to the screams below!