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Lake Hickory Haunts
520 Carolina Ave
Hickory, North Carolina, 28601

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#1 in NC Lake Hickory Haunts The victims have spoken, those who made it out alive at least! Lake Hickory Haunts in Hickory North Carolina has been voted #1 in NC with 1737 fan votes! This Extreme haunted attraction is an ever changing family affair! With over 20 years of haunt experience under their belt the owners know horror, and as one of their motto’s goes they “Believe in innovation not Duplication” Congratulations to Lake Hickory Haunts on being named the Inaugural Victim’s Choice Award Winner in North Carolina.
Lake Hickory Haunts opened in 2012 with the intentions of becoming the best haunted house attraction the world has ever seen. Lake Hickory Haunts is dedicated to bringing a unique experience that simply cannot be found anywhere else. The best way to describe what you can expect while at Lake Hickory Haunts is to quote one of the official NCHaunts Frightseekers, who said: “Last year LHH had major ambitions and a ton of potential, but this year it really has come into its own in a major way. After a day to think it over, I'm ready to call it my official #1 of the season. It really was superb in every way you can judge a haunt. I feel like I've drooled over it every which way already, but one last point of praise is that I really like the outside-the-box ideas that surround the haunt. There's a parade of monsters before the festivities begin each night (I hear there are free rides on meat wagon, btw), a clown popping wheelies while you buy your tickets, and though I didn't see it, apparently there are full on monster duels from time to time. So one last time with feeling, sky's the limit for this trail, and as I told my group repeatedly last night, my face literally hurt from smiling as I walked out of this haunt. I absolutely loved it!”.
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