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Voted the 2017 & 2018 #1 "Must See" Haunted Attraction In Michigan by - Voted #1 Haunted Event in Northern Michigan by TV 9&10 Viewers - Features Multiple Haunted Houses - Hayride & Haunted Trail!!

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5548 M-66
Kalkaska, Michigan, 49646

Contact Phone : 231-649-1338
Email :

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Screams In The Dark features Multiple Haunted Attractions in one Location!! Visit Northern Michigan's Largest Haunted Attraction - Featuring the town of Blackwood Hollow, Blackwood Manor, Trail Of The Lost, and Pandemonium!! Then enjoye our Midway that includes photo ops, Tarot Reader, Souvenir Store, and several food trucks to complete your night!! For more information be sure to check out our website, and facebook page!!!

Screams In The Dark
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Scare Factor
9.6 Skulls
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9.7 Skulls
Sets, Detail, Theming
9.8 Skulls
Special FX
9.6 Skulls
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This haunt should get more attention!!
Majorly Impressed!! This was our first trip to this haunt and it was amazing for the price - We paid $17 per adult to do everything.......that is like the price of one little haunt down state, and this place had 3 haunted houses and a wagon ride and haunted trail!!! The haunts were fantastic, they didn't over use animatronics and their actors were so energetic and creepy. We will spread the word, and we will definitely add this to our yearly haunt tour.
Posted 10/03/2021
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Posted 01/28/2019
Amazing Haunted Attraction!!
You guys put on an absolutely amazing show!! We haven't seen anything like this since living downstate. We were blown away to find out this was all set up in a couple weeks each year. The sets were very detailed, we even noticed each area had it's own smells, especially the swamp....we could smell the woods, moss, etc. We may have held up a few groups because we were taking it in. We will be back every year with the whole family. Great job to everyone involved!!!
Posted 10/29/2018
Great job everyone!
We had heard the commercials stating this haunt was the "#1 Must See" haunt in Michigan - We drove 2 hours to check it out. We were not disappointed, they did an awesome job with the huge amount of space they were trying to fill. We talked to some regulars on the way out and they informed us that this event is set up in 4-5 weeks, which is amazing. They also mentioned that they change themes and are constantly making it better each year. It may not be the "Best" haunt compared to some downstate attractions, but you can tell these guys are only going to get better and better. Great job to the creators and actors!! We had an absolute blast.
Posted 10/10/2018
Great Job - Even Better Customer Service
You guys did an awesome job - attention to detail was great, especially in the "Swamp" area - The Asylum was our favorite, but only because we were all terrified of the clowns. I want to comment on how your staff handles the douche bags and drunks, while going through and waiting in line we were almost surrounded by drunk staggering people - we could hear them going through yelling profanity and screaming at your volunteers, but not once did we hear any of your staff give in to their idiocy - same went for all the guys who thought it was great to yell "Bro" every 5 seconds. Great job to all your actors - Keep up the amazing work, and don't let them get to you!!!
Posted 10/07/2018
Opening night "killed" it!
We brought out a group of 15 last night, mixed age adults. The screams could be heard all the way at the waiting area. The hayride was way better this year, love to see that they keep trying to improve. The indoor haunts rocked as usual and had our whole group screaming....even the guys. The trail is fun and once again was better than last year as well with some cool additions.These guys put on an awesome show every year and they just keep getting better - and the price for what is included is fantastic.....anyone complaining about this place needs to open their eyes and try to enjoy something for once. We give it 30 thumbs up :)
Posted 10/06/2018
We just wanted to say thank you for giving us such a great night!!! We gathered up our friends and family and came out last night - The whole group had an absolute blast, and lots of screams!! The kids loved it, the adults loved it - So job well done. The price was great as well for what you have there compared to the other haunts we have been to in the area. We will be back next year for sure. Happy Halloween!!!
Posted 10/29/2017
Just plain awesome
We went last night with about 15 people total. You guys did an amazing job this year, it seems to always get better and the new additions were fantastic. Three of the adults we bought wet themselves which we found hilarious - 4 of the teens didn't make it more than a room into the swamp. The rest of us made it through and loved every part. You managed to impress our whole group which isn't easy since we have been to the Ghost ship, and Ghost Farm which were fun but not really scary. If anyone is telling you that yours isn't any good either they are a competitor, one of your drunk customers, or someone who is just unable to have a good time. Keep up the great work!!!
Posted 10/21/2017
Great Fall Fun!!!
Thanks for providing such a great event - We took our whole family and extended family last night. It was our first time going and we didn't realize how big the event was. We all had a great time and will definitely be back. We heard a group talking on the way out about how much fun they had too. Our only suggestion would be more actors - I know it is volunteer based and your actors did an AMAZING job, just would love to see more characters with so much space to use. See you next year!!!!
Posted 10/21/2017
Scary Fun!!
We went last Saturday - We had three families that went, due to the weather the trail was shut down which was a bummer but they kept everything else open. The haunts were amazing!! We all got some good scares and the details and characters were great, you don't see any "retail" store masks or props in the haunts - these guys use some wicked stuff :) We loved the "Swamp" water area, the bridge, and the closet which was creepy :) This will definitely be our "Go to" haunt from now on.
Posted 10/19/2017
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