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  • Headless Horseman Haunted Attractions
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  • Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses
  • Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses -Past Shows
  • Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses -Past Shows
  • Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses

Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses in Ulster Park, New York features: a theatrical one-mile hayride, corn maze, 7 haunted house attractions, as well as four themed gift shops, and five food concessions. We have been ranked America's #1 attraction by Hauntworld. Click this profile for information, directions, photos, videos and more.

Website :
778 Broadway Route 9W
Ulster Park, New York, 12487

Contact Phone : 845-339-2666
Email :

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Named Number One Haunted Attraction in the country by HauntWorld Magazine, Headless Horseman Haunted Attractions opens its 30th season. For 2022, we are replacing the hayride portion of our event with a haunted walk thru experience - The Horseman's Night of the Shadows. Our event includes: a haunted walking trail, corn maze, 8 haunted attractions, as well as gift shops, and food concessions. For info and highlights, plus ticketing:


Ticket includes a haunted walking trail experience, corn maze, and 8 Haunted Attractions, plus food concessions, retail shops, and much more.


Starts September 24th and ends on October 30th. Walk Thru begins at dusk

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Headless Horseman Haunted Attractions
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mouse over on COLOR DATE for hours.
Ticket includes a haunted walking trail experience, corn maze, and 8 Haunted Attractions, plus food concessions, retail shops, and much more.

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Posted 01/11/2022
This is by far my favorite NY haunt. The quality in production is amazing.
Posted 10/19/2021
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Posted 03/20/2019
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The same sensations that you get in heavy metal are in horror movies. Heavy metal sounds evil and horror movies are evil, ha ha!
Posted 02/08/2019
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This was really amazing. I like your efforts. keep doing a great work. I found its very interesting...
Posted 08/18/2018
Once again Headless impresses
I went on saturday october 7th for the 7:15 show...My friends and I arrived at 6:40 and they were all ready calling for people who had tickets up to 7:30pm...Wow, we got in a little bit on the early side and started our decent into the depths of the horseman's grip!! The hayride was fun, but the corn maze was just ok...You had some scares here and there, but everything else was great. My friends and i had to stop and look at all the great props and actors make-up as well!! I was impressed and so were most of my friends. We all live in Central NJ by Rutgers University so it's a trip for us to go, about 2hrs each way...One of my friends wants to go back just to take in the sites at headless..Each attraction was set up very nicely and the actors strategically placed to scare you...Overall I would go back again this season...
Posted 10/09/2017
Some of the Scariest shit ever!
I took my GF this past weekend and it was amazing, I had heard about this place from a friend and he said it was scarey but I did not believe him until I went there. I thought it would be just your average gimmicky Haunt but it was great! I was slightly disappointed in the story of the hayride and the corn maze felt like it needed a little more Scare factor but what sold me was the last two houses! they were amazing I peed myself a little in the last house when an actor slammed a bone down on a medical table, I was not prepared for that! then a girl jumped me from around the corner and screamed in my Gf's face! lets just say she did not open her eyes for the rest of the house. I will definitely be returning next year!
Posted 10/22/2015
Hudson Valley Halloween Magazine review
Just visited over the weekend, and for starters if you dont like the long lines and the waits then go in September and book an 8 pm ride time. Basically made it through all the attractions in an hour and 15 minutes. Longest wait was 10 minutes or so to get on the Hayride. True you do lose some of the juice and excitement of a late October visit when it's darker and the air is chillier, but you are also not cold and packed in with hundreds of people. So if you go in late October, guess what, H5 is one of the biggest Haunted Houses in the country and there is gonna be wait times, so deal with it. For the attraction itself, this year's Hayride theme was the Horseman's War which I was excited for, and was somewhat disappointed that the theme was very loose. The fun is mostly in whats gonna scare you next, from where, and all the surprise scares from air cannons, and fog machines. It is always a fun ride though. I highly recommend it, as well as recommending booking as early of a hayride time as you can.
Posted 09/28/2015
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