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Reaper's Revenge Haunted Hayride and Attractions
460 Green Grove Road
Scranton, Pennsylvania, 18447

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What lies within the realm of Reapers Forest? Do you have what it takes to brave a haunted hayride, a dark forest, a pitch-black maze, and the zombie apocalypse? Venture into Reapers Revenge Haunted Attraction in Scranton, PA, a 60-acre haunt featuring four terrifying attractions and more than 90 minutes of scare time! Board the Haunted Hayride to begin your journey into the woods, but dont get too comfortable youll have to leave the safety of the wagon to enter the Lost Carnival, filled with the souls of sideshow freaks and deranged midway clowns. Make your way through the Tunnel of Love and venture next into Pitch Black, an indoor maze where you are robbed of your sight. Use your sixth sense to make it to the end, but be prepared, because the outside world isnt the same as when you first entered. Out in the moonlit post-apocalyptic wasteland is Sector 13, a horrifying maze populated by the ones who werent as lucky as you. Pennsylvanias Reapers Revenge is a terrifying treat for locals, and close enough for a visit from New York or New Jersey. Voted Americas Best Haunted Attraction, Reapers Revenge is four haunts in one, combining a haunted hayride, dark forest walkthrough, pitch-black indoor walkthrough, and zombie maze. Test your fate at Reapers Revenge Haunted Attraction!
LOST CARNIVAL If you survive the Haunted Hayride, make your way next to the Lost Carnival a sideshow populated by the souls of freaks, clowns, and other oddities. But this is no fun day at the circus: the inhabitants of the Lost Carnival are deranged and demented, and theyre waiting for you their audience for their encore performance. If youre lucky, you may reach the Tunnel of Love to make your escape. But what will you find on the other side?
HAUNTED HAYRIDE The meager but treasured comfort provided by your new best friends is fleeting as the hay wagon pulls away into the heavy darkness. You are now all alone, isolated from each other by the ink black cloak of fear and anticipation that infiltrates all five of your senses. As you travel forward through 60 acres of dark trails, deep into the Realm of Reapers Forest, you may be tempted to extend a hand of friendship and reassurance to your traveling companions but dont be fooled, for things arent always what they seem. Trust no one. For the longest 30 minutes youve ever imagined, the Reapers soul-searching creatures and blood thirsty zombies will find delight in discovering your inner fears. Through the ever-changing twists and turns you regain your senses, acclimating to the sounds of terror and the scenes of horror. Your over-active sixth sense magnifies and distorts your every sensation and thought. Climb aboard the tractor pulled hay wagon if you dare and prepare yourself for the most horrifying ride of your life. IT MAY BE YOUR LAST!!!
SECTOR 13 The Eastern half of the United States has suffered a massive bio-nuclear attack. You are among the few survivors to escape the cannibalistic mutants and make it to Sector 13, the last remaining bridge to the relatively normal Western US. But Sector 13 was made to contain mutants not provide a quick exit. New terrors await around each corner as you navigate to safety, and not all the inmates can be contained. Will you escape the maze, or find yourself at a dead end? Be careful where you go, because in this high-intensity maze of psychological scares, turning back may not be an option.
PITCH BLACK Built in 1862, Pitch Black Incorporated was once a thriving light bulb factory, employing a large percentage of the population of Lackawanna County. However, a horrific electrical accident in 1924 claimed the lives of most of the employees, including Abigail Black, the beloved wife of the founder. Shortly after, an emotional and financial bankrupt Mitch Black closed the factory doors for good. For nearly a century, the local residents have reported strange activities surrounding the factory. Stories have circulated that a few brave souls have even ventured inside the building, but were never seen or heard from again. Do you dare to discover the mysteries of the dark? You have been warned Enter at your own risk.