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Hundred Acres Manor
Hundred Acres Drive
Pittsburgh (South Park), Pennsylvania, 15129

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Hundred Acres Manor is Pittsburgh's largest and most extreme haunted attraction spanning over 1 mile and ranked as one of the top in the world. You will come face to face with some of the most terrifying zombies, creatures, monsters and products of your worst nightmares. Named one of the best in the nation and world visit Hundred Acres Manor Haunted House this season to see what all the terrifying buzz is about. Featuring 6 Attractions for one low price and two multi-room escape rooms, right in Pittsburgh! For more information on escape rooms visit:
THE DEADLIFT Board a century old elevator to take you to the depths of the Acres family estate and experience a hellish ride to the bowels of the horror within the manor. The first of its kind in Pittsburgh, Dead Lift will send you whipping around and begging for mercy. Discovered during excavation of the estate; the Dead Lift elevators were originally used to transport guests and staff from the families quarters to the manors deepest secrets hidden within the basement.
DAMNATION Enter the dilapidated acres family estate and experience the terrifying world of the lost souls buried deep within the manor walls. Traverse the manor room by room and see what makes Hundred Acres Manor Pittsburgh’s Best Haunted House. During your journey you will encounter the most grizzly zombies, bloodthirsty minions of the night, and the restless spirits damned to spend eternity confined within the manor compound. Prepare for the most relentless, mind-bending journey through hell on earth.
TORTURE TANK Take a tour of Hundred Acre Manor's Torture Tank and try before you buy. Witness what our clients call a truly explorative experience. Clients of torture tank are allowed to select their scenarios, costuming, set designs and are provided with an innocent human. Our contracts are discrete and totally legal as long as you keep your mouth shut!
Purchase tickets to Pittsburgh's scariest haunted house, Hundred Acres Manor. With 6 terrifying attractions spanning a mile, Hundred Acres Manor will leave you begging for the nightmares to end. Hundred Acres Manor is Pittsburgh's largest haunted house with an average walk-through time of 1 hour. Hundred Acres Manor is proudly designed and managed by Extreme Fear Design and Productions. For more information visit: