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Ranked #1 in Wisconsin and a top Haunted Screampark in the US, Burial Chamber Haunted House Complex has over 125 actors nightly, 3 FULL-sized haunted houses, plus Burial Simulators...a FULL night of professional entertainment for you: Phobia Haunted Woods, Adrenaline Haunted House, Insanity Haunted House & Last Ride Burial Simulators

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500 N. Lake Street
Neenah, Wisconsin, 54956

Contact Phone : 920-727-4669
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Rated a top screampark in the US by Hauntworld, Burial Chamber hosts four full-sized professional attractions at one location, featuring over 125 actors nightly, two indoor haunted houses (Adrenaline and Insanity), one outdoor haunted woods (Phobia), and a large group Burial Simulator. Our professional haunted attractions feature Hollywood-style sets and sounds, top-notch acting and haunted entertainment. Burial Chamber continues to be voted #1 by it's Visitors year after year. Our goal is customer satisfaction. We continue to focus on improvements to make your visit as exciting, scary, and enjoyable as possible. You'll notice the professionalism in everything we do. We have 2 Massive Indoor Haunted Houses (Adrenaline and Insanity), 1 Huge Outdoor Wooded Trail (Phobia), and 1 Full Sized Buried Alive Experience (Trapped) -- All at one location! Our attractions are designed to be four very different experiences: TRAPPED BURIED ALIVE EXPERIENCE (**NEW event for 2020**) Trapped Buried Alive Experience will let you feel what it's like to be buried alive (in a safe way, of course)! It's an amazing experience that customers are raving about! We've had the coffin rides for years and although they are fun, they are only Burial Simulators. This is the BURIAL Chamber...We need to bury people! So, we've created this awesome new event where you and your group ACTUALLY will be buried alive with 80,000 plastic Germ-block play pit balls! This is a group experience that you and your friends will love! Estimated Event Time: 15-20 minutes ADRENALINE HAUNTED HOUSE (Customer favorite Dark Haunt) Adrenaline's theme is Industrial / Military: UNDER ZOMBIE ATTACK--where your senses will be assaulted on many levels. Adrenaline Haunted House is a huge old-school in-your-face haunted house. Pitch black sections, mazes, loud noises, strobes, water, and people coming from all angles with a wide array of sounds--you name it, Adrenaline has it. We WILL get your heart racing and is guaranteed to scare the crap out of you. Please Note: Simulated gunfire is used in this attraction Estimated walk-through time: 20 minutes INSANITY HAUNTED HOUSE (Customer favorite Interactive Haunt) Insanity Haunted House, affectionately called "A Haunted House on Crack", will scare you mentally as well as physically. Crazy clowns, unique characters, interactive sounds, unusual environments, misdirection, as well as visual and mental sets force you to be part of the scenes. Step through the door and be prepared to enter the realm of the crazy people. Insanity is no ordinary haunted house-- it's a blend of fun house meets haunted house. With it's unique props, unusual scenes, claustrophobia walls, spinning and crooked rooms, and interactive atmosphere, it's an experience that will definitely raise your blood pressure and have you come out entertained. Estimated walk-through time: 20 minutes PHOBIA HAUNTED WOODS (Customer favorite Outdoor Haunt) Phobia Haunted Woods is a wooded trail that makes you to feel like you are part of a horror movie set in the woods. The natural fully wooded sets feature a combination of natural and physical environments that force you to be part of the show. Phobia is a blend of back woods meets chainsaw killers. The use of audible and visual interaction with our guests makes you constantly wonder who's watching you, where they are and are you really safe? People come from all angles to attack your senses and make it impossible to expect what lies ahead. The characters center on their prey and in this haunted house, that prey is you. Expect to see a wide variety of characters--and prepare to be hunted! Estimated walk-through time: 20 minutes **NOTE: Masks will be required for all customers and staff while on the property. Please see for our covid response plan.**


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Burial Chamber Haunted Complex
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Wisconsin Haunted House SPECIAL EVENTS for Burial Chamber Haunted House: Spend the night packages, Fastpass skip the wait packages, Fastpass Timed Ticketing, special event nights. Check the website regularly for details, updates and special events.

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Best night ever
My group did all three houses and the burial ride. Each house was pretty long to walk through and there were so many actors. There was tons of line entertainment making the wait so much fun! Can't wait to go back next weekend
Posted 10/09/2018
By far one of the greatest haunted houses Ive been to. You can tell the amount of effort that goes into the making of these houses and the actors are outstanding. Im definitely going more than once this year.
Posted 10/09/2018
We had a great time going through all three of their Haunted houses. It was awesome to see my wife jump and scream as the creatures came at us from all different angles! I can definitely see why it's rated one of top places. We'll definitely be back.
Posted 10/15/2016
Awesome Haunt
By far one of the best haunted houses I've been to to date
Posted 10/21/2015
Thought the first house was really scary but after that just thought the other two were really cool!
Posted 09/27/2015
Loved the new additions! Loved all the extra little houses in the woods of Phobia & the new spinning module with the bridge you had to cross! Actors were great & they seemed to have just as good a time! You definitely get your money's worth out of the 3 houses! I come back every year! It never disappoints!
Posted 09/27/2015
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