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Jason's Woods Haunted Attractions
99 Stehman Road
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 17603

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Immerse yourself in a horror from which there is no escape! Helpless victims will experience the thrill and chills as they hay wagon is thrusted side to side from the forces of uncontrollable explosions and sheer power of savage, blood thirsting creatures! Witness the hair-raising sensation of millions of volts of electricity surging through the wagon! This NEVER BEFORE SEEN, integrated motion technology of our interactive wagons will absolutely push your hayride experience to entirely new levels of fun and excitement, leaving you BREATHLESS!!!...ONLY AT JASONS WOODS! Once again Jasons Woods redefines Halloween!
Celebrating over 30 nerve shattering years! Come experience the thrills and chills of Jason's Woods, the show that started it all!! That's right...30 years, back when there were no others, back when there was only one...and that one, was Jason's Woods...WE ARE HALLOWEEN!! ALWAYS the INNOVATORS...NEVER the IMITATORS!
The Legend is Reborn!! Experience Jason's Woods the next generation!!
Witness the mind-blowing, breathtaking thrills and chills of INTEGRATED MOTION TECHNOLOGY (IMT), ONLY at JASONS WOODS! A hayride experience like NO other! Introduced in 2016 this cutting edge technology completely overwhelmed the senses of our unsuspected victims thrusting them into the very depths of their darkest, innermost fears! This season Jasons Woods launches IMT to an entirely new level of extreme!!! Come see if you will survive the next step in IMT Experience IMT ONLY at Jasons Woods Jasons Woods always the Innovators, NEVER the imitatorsWERE BACK!
Located at 99 Stehman Road Lancaster, PA. 17603. Attractions open September 22 through November 4 Hours of operation Fridays and Saturdays 7pm-10pm and Sundays 7pm-9pm. Visit for full event details