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The Shallow Grave
701 42nd Sreet NW
Winter Haven, Florida, 33881

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The Shallow Grave is a highly detailed spine tingling scarefest that brings the Central Florida area something they have been missing. An intimate in your face, fear filled environment with custom themes and movie quality sets to put you in the midst of terror unlike anything you have experienced before. Once you have dared to put your foot into “The Shallow Grave” you will be begging for more while you are dying to get out.
Sometime shortly after the great depression when death was a daily routine things were good for old Thaddeus Van Buren, who was the caretaker at Hills of Arietta Cemetery. Thaddeus, loving husband, father of two lovely girls just worked tirelessly to take care of his family. As depressing as it was he loved his job, treating every corpse that he would eventually lay to rest, as one of his own. But Thaddeus, even with all of the business could not out run the tentacles of the hard times that were rampant for everyone during that time. Desperate times….well they call for desperate measures and for Thaddeus there was no exception. Soon families were unable to pay for the services….yet the dead kept coming. Poor Thaddeus knew not what to do, feeling a sense of responsibility to the families he promised to “care” for the fallen souls as he had always done before. But now his family suffers, hungry and scared he became bitter and angry. Thaddeus started to blame the community for his hardships, the look in his little girls hungry eyes nearly drove him mad, til one day Thaddeus came up with an idea. Thaddeus felt that if the families can’t pay for his services with cash then they will pay with their flesh. Thaddeus turned from “Caretaker” to “Butcher” in order to keep his family fed, With this; all of Thaddeus’ problems seemed to go away, no one was the wiser. Thaddeus would load the coffins with bricks so he could load his belly with the victims. Oh sure the families were in the dark over just how their loved ones were being “cared” for, but the souls of the fallen…..they knew all too well what Thaddeus was up to. Before long the rage of the dead was overwhelming and they vowed revenge against Thaddeus and his family for their cannibalistic ways. The dead that were lucky enough to rest in peace refused to do so, and broke free from there eternal slumber to exact their revenge. With hard times receding and things returning to normal, less plague, less famine, things were tough again for old Thaddeus. By this time his thirst for flesh has driven the old man insane, with fewer dead to chop up and devour he turned to the living to feed his lust for flesh. Thaddeus is hunted by the hordes of the undead relentlessly but to date the old man has been able to hold his own against the rotting minions. Sure he has some scars to show for his efforts, but nothing like the scars he has on his sanity. Stay clear of the old house next to the cemetery if you wish to “rest in peace” and not pieces for Thaddeus will not rest until you do!
ADHD (Attention Deficit Haunt Disorder) Lose yourself in the tormented minds of the few that faced Thaddeus and were fortunate enough to evade certain death from the blood thirsty Van Buren family. But are they truly free from Thaddeus and the agony he bestows upon his victims? The dread, the pain and suffering, escaping to live another day also gives way to the opportunity to die a little each day as your sanity rots from the dark encounter with the very man that feels his survival is directly attached to your demise. Suffer through the very same nightmares that the so called lucky few pray for the sandman to keep at bay for there is no true escape from Thaddeus, once he is in your life he is there until he can steal it from you