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Stillwell Manor Haunted Attraction
1704 East 60th Street
Anderson, Indiana, 46013

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READ THIS WARNING BEFORE PURCAHSING TICKETS OR ENTERING THE ATTRACTIONS. This establishment reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone. At any time you may experience intense audio, low lighting with extremely low visibility, strobe lights, fog, wet and damp conditions, moving or slanted floors, special effects, sudden actions and an overall intense environment. You should NOT enter this haunted attraction if you suffer from ASTHMA, HEART CONDITIONS, are prone to Dizziness or Seizures, have respiratory ailments, under a doctors care for physical impairments, are Pregnant or suffer any form of metal disease including extreme claustrophobia. If you have any physical disability, please feel free to discuss the limitations with our staff and about available options. DO NOT ENTER the attraction if you are intoxicated or drunk, wearing in form of a cast or brace, using crutches, or have any type of physical limitations not approved by our staff. DO NOT ENTER if you are taking non-prescribed or illegal drugs. You WILL NOT be admitted if any of these conditions are noticed by our staff. DO NOT smoke, chew, run, eat or drink inside of the attractions. You WILL get hurt if you run or horse play inside the attractions. NO cell phone should be pulled out or used as flashlights since they can be dropped or knocked free from your grasp, NO video or flash photography may be taken INSIDE the attractions. Characters in the Queue Line may be photographed if they so desire it. - THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. Your ticket is a revocable license and may be taken and refused upon refund of the purchase price prior to entering the Manor. The holder of this ticket understands that are inherent risks associated in touring this haunted attraction. Holder understands and accepts these risks and dangers by the purchase of this ticket. In consideration and acceptance into the Manor, Holder agrees to release the owner, operator, managers, and employees from any liability, injury or death, costs or expenses that may arise as a result of attending these attractions. You MAY be touched, brushed or bumped into by the actors in the attractions. You will not be harmed. DO NOT touch or hit any cast or staff members . You WILL have a good time and you will be scared. Its a Haunted Attraction with the sole purpose of entertaining and scaring you. GOOD LUCK