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Halloween and Party Show - Full Walk thru Video 2023
Fri, January 13, 2023
Hauntworld recently visited the Halloween and Party Show in Las Vegas.  See the latest Halloween costumes, masks, party supplies and everything between.  Watch the full POV video where we go booth by booth to showcase everything new in Halloween retail 2023.  Please like and subscribe to the Hauntworld Youtube Channel more awesome videos coming soon.  

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Behind the Scenes - Monster Museum Salem Mass
Wed, October 19, 2022

Hauntworld once again visited another behind the screams haunted house this time INTERNATIONAL MONSTER MUSEUM in Salem Mass.  The owner John Denley gave us a full 
tour of the best monster museum we've ever seen.  Right in the heart of Salem Mass this museum helps you understand everything you ever wanted to know about Monsters.  

Learn all the secrets as we go behind the SCREAMS of the Monster Musuem of Salem mass.  

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Fright Kingdom New England's Largest Haunted House - Behind the Scenes Tour
Sat, October 15, 2022
Hauntworld takes you to the best and scariest haunted houses and attractions in America.  Now take a behind the SCREAMS video of FRIGHT KINGDOM in New England one of the oldest running haunts in America.  The owners of Fright Kingdom reveal all the scares, screams and give Hauntworld a complete walk thru tour!  This haunted house is incredible and you will learn a lot of tricks to make your haunted houses scarier than ever before.  Make sure you like and subscribe to the page for more behind the scenes full walk thru videos coming soon. 

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Haunted Overload - Behind the Scenes Tour Full Walkthrough Video
Fri, October 14, 2022
Hauntworld takes you on another journey behind the SCREAMS of Haunted Overload.
The owners and staff take us thru every square inch of Haunted Overload and teach us 
the tricks, screams and how they built every scene.  This is an in-depth look behind the best haunted attraction in America. 
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Haunted Overload is located in New Hampshire not far from Boston.  
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Famous Youtubers and Influencers Film Haunts Nationwide to BIG VIEWS!
Thu, October 06, 2022

Famous Youtubers are now realizing that visiting Haunted Houses is BIG VIEWS!  In the past haunted house owners would focus on things like luring Travel Channel or Discovery Channel but now in 2022 there is a new player... YOUTUBERS!   Haunted House owners should go out of their way to invite famous YOUTUBERS into their attractions to film BEHIND THE  SCREAMS! 

How did Universal Horror Nights grow SO FAST... they allowed just about everyone to come inside and FILM the attractions.  Even after allowing social media influencers to video tape the entire attraction attendance GREW!!! Haunted House owners should now reach out to youtubers, tiktokers and instagram influencers hoping to score their visit. 

See below several famous youtubers who've visited The Darkness here in St Louis.  One video filmed by Grim Life Collective has 500,000 views and climbing by the day.  A new reality for haunted house owners is to allow EVERYONE to film and share their experience it can help grow your base and popularity.  From a youtubers perspective they want to film attractions which their followers want to see and haunted houses are POPULAR!  

Keep following for all the latest news.   Finally Hauntworld has joined the RANKS of Youtube and now films other haunted houses and events.  Please follow our YOUTUBE page for many SPOOKY videos coming soon! 








The Darkness Haunted House 2022 

The Lemp Haunted House 2021 


The Darkness Haunted House 2022

St Louis Escape 2022

Jack O'Lantern Spooktacular 2022

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