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Carnival of Horrors at The Stark County Fairgrounds
305 Wertz Ave NW
Canton, Ohio, 44708

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CAN YOU HANDLE IT? See why we are the best-rated Haunted House in Ohio!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “The scariest haunted house in all of Ohio” WEWS, Channel 5 News ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Haunted houses that will leave even the Devil cowering in fear” WJW, FOX 8 News ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Prepare to be scared”, WKYC, Channel 3 News ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “One place guaranteed to scare you this Halloween” WOIO, Channel 19 News
THE FUN HOUSE --- Are you afraid of clowns? A terrifying journey through an abandoned haunted Fun House featuring several Hollywood-style effects and scares. Can you make your way through chainsaw-wielding evil clowns or survive the endless maze and even find your way out? BEWARE: This is an extremely high-intensity scare oriented haunted house. Many have entered, but very few have left alive.
THE WICKED WOODS --- You like to get scared? We dare you to walk through the darkest corner of Blossom's haunted woods. Don't expect to see anything coming, because you'll be alone while you try to escape. However, the monsters will be watching and waiting to strike. You'll never know what hit you. We will even supply you with a flashlight since it's so dark and terrifying. After all, it wouldn't be fair to send you in there unarmed. So, armed only with a flashlight, you must attempt to find your way out and escape The Wicked Woods.
THE FREAKSHOW IN 3-D TERRORVISION --- You have never seen anything like this! Northeast Ohio's first and most original fully three dimensional walk-through haunted house, using state-of-the-art Chromadepth 3-D glasses to bring The Freakshow to life. The floor, walls and every undead creature become a living 3-D experience that will leave you begging for mercy. You think you can see where the monsters hide? Think again! Prepare to be scared! To survive and reach the exit, you must be able to pass through the 3-D Vortex Tunnel. You won't believe your eyes and your mind will be blown!
THE INSANE ASYLUM --- Do you have what it takes? We cannot control these psychopaths that now run The Asylum! A pulsing, winding and chaotic labyrinth of wrong turns, dead ends and terrifying psychotic inmates roaming the abandoned mental institution that are waiting to tear your soul apart. Try and keep your head clear, this confusing and high energy maze is difficult to escape.