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Blood Prison Haunted House - Ohio State Reformatory Review
Mon, August 13, 2018
Rise Haunted House Hammond, Louisiana

Blood Prison – Mansfield, Ohio

By Hauntworld Magazine

Ohio's Haunted Houses are some of the scariest and best in America! rates and reviews the best and Scariest haunted houses, haunted attractions, and Halloween events in America!  Blood Prison is located in Mansfield, Ohio. Please share this page and leave your reviews of one of America's best and scariest Haunted Houses.  When you find yourself in Ohio go to Blood Prison.  Located in Mansfield, Ohio the former Ohio State Reformatory famous for movies like The Shawshank Redemption, Tango and Cash, Air Force One, and considered one of the single most REAL haunted houses in America.  Hauntworld reviews Blood Prison! 

To learn more about Mansfield, Ohio's Blood Prison visit their websit below. When you're trying to find the biggest, scariest, haunted houses you find them at

Filming for the movie Shawshank Redemption in Mansfield Ohio wrapped their final scene in the Fall of 1993. At the end of that day, the wrecking ball began destroying the magnificent 100 year old haunted structure and all of the history within. Fortunately, a small band of intrepid visionaries were able to stop the demolition. All of the outside buildings and walls were gone, but the castle-like main structure and central cell blocks remained untouched. Because of their dedication, the building, along with many of its stories, lives on today. With a 100 year history of legitimate hauntings in what was aptly nicknamed “Dracula’s Castle” in the 1800’s, this is absolutely a true haunted experience.



The folklore of the building is nothing short of diabolical. There are many inmates that still walk the halls of the Ohio State Reformatory (OSR) in search of something most have not yet figured out. Reports of shadow men darting in and out of the cells and the disembodied voices creeping from empty rooms keep visitors coming back year after year to participate in the Ohio State Reformatory GHOST HUNTS.

Doors slamming, visitors being pushed or touched, and equipment failure are some of the many experiences ghost hunters find when traipsing around the dark building during the twilight hours. The allure of such activity has sparked the interest of many paranormal shows that highlight haunted facilities such as the OSR. This magnificent haunted structure has been featured on My Ghost Story, Paranormal Challenge, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters Academy, Ghost Hunters, and Scariest Places on Earth. There's a lot of activity that happens in the darkness, and reports from investigators that paranormal activity is at its highest during and after Halloween because the spirits have been disturbed.

This year’s twisted haunt, ESCAPE FROM BLOOD PRISON, is being led by the dark imaginings of Undead Studios’ owner Vic Amesquita. Vic has worked with legends of the haunt world including terror master and special effects icon, Robert Kurtzman. Vic brings his own special brand of scary titillating fun and macabre and sinister terror to the Reformatory.

Covering 100,000 square feet , Blood Prison will be a horrific haunt experience not soon forgotten. With ever expanding future plans beyond this year and into the future, guests can plan to experience something new every time they come, and they do come!  Located in Mansfield, Ohio, The Reformatory is a short drive from every major Ohio city including Columbus, Canton, Akron, Cleveland, Sandusky and more. "As a destination haunt, we actually receive guests from all across the country, especially our neighboring states of Michigan, Indiana and Pennsylvania," says Mary Kennard, director at OSR.

Plan to be immersed into the terrifying haunted prison culture. Throughout the prison areas, crazed inmates and guards roam, waiting to make you the next addition to their putrified hordes. With a band of criminals, guard clowns, insane iconic gangsters and madmen, be prepared to scream. With a seasoned cast of actors and fiends, prepare to be treated to a festival of fear. Plan a trip today, because this might just be the scariest haunt experience of your lifetime!
For more information, visit

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Charlotte North Carolina Scariest Haunted House Lake Hickory Reviewed by Hauntworld
Wed, July 25, 2018
Rise Haunted House Hammond, Louisiana

Lake Hickory Haunts – Hickory, North Carolina

By Hauntworld Magazine

North Carolina's Haunted Houses are some of the scariest and best in America! rates and reviews the best and Scariest haunted houses, haunted attractions, and Halloween events in America!  Lake Hickory Haunts is located in Hickory, North Carolina. Please share this page and leave your reviews of one of America's best and scariest Haunted Houses.  When you find yourself in North Carolina go to Lake Hickory Haunts.  

To learn more about Hickory, North Carolina's Lake Hickory Haunts visit their websit below. When you're trying to find the biggest, scariest, haunted houses you find them at   Lake Hickory Haunted Screampark features multiple haunted houses in one location is located just a few miles outside of 
Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Intro & Innovation
Located in Hickory, North Carolina, Lake Hickory Haunts is commonly known as the best haunt in the Carolina’s.  Lake Hickory Haunts is a massive, multi-attraction theme park featuring nine unique haunted house attractions surrounding a large body of water. Water is one of many elements that makes Lake Hickory Haunts such a thrilling and one-of-a-kind frightening experience. The growth of Lake Hickory Haunts was catapulted when its operators decided to build and install the Haunted Boat Adventure, the first professionally engineered moving boat ride ever in the haunt industry, but even that innovation was revamped.  The Haunted Boat Adventure was eventually replaced with new, bigger and better attractions. After all, the operators of Lake Hickory Haunts believe in constant innovation & renovation.  From the beginning, the Lake Hickory Haunts team continually pushed the envelope to create unique, larger-than-life, and never before seen sets, props, and special FX. All that combined with an industry leading group of actors, artists, builders and leaders, and you get a top rated, highly detailed, uniquely entertaining, and SCARY attraction that delivers a Halloween horror experience with both quality & quantity. As a result, Lake Hickory Haunts has developed into a Halloween horror themed amusement park which delivers the perfect balance of terror and entertainment that one must see to believe. From 4D experiences to overwater attractions and everything in-between, Lake Hickory Haunts exceeds industry standards and provides a truly impressive haunted attraction experience that keeps fans, haunt-goers and enthusiasts coming back year after year.


Lake Hickory Haunts utilizes a massive 60-acre plot, featuring 9 unique haunted attractions. All attractions are included in a single ticket price. There are indoor attractions, outdoor attractions, and scares in between with each delivering a wide variety of sets, scenes and scares. Best of all, Lake Hickory Haunts is unique to other attractions, as the entire tour is centered by a large body of water creating a chill-inducing backdrop. Throughout the whole venue, they showcase astounding special FX, actors, scares & sets using lighting, fog, scents, sounds, CGI, pyrotechnics & more. They custom build each haunted house attraction to ensure every set uniquely immerses its patrons into each theme. Guests experience the horror as if they were truly there, and each attraction seamlessly transitions from one to the next, so guests experience a full storyline throughout.

The Midway of Mayhem is the first attraction and offers activities, shops, and a wide variety of entertainment. Typically, the wait at most haunts is not a fun place to be, but it is at Lake Hickory Haunts, because their guests can enjoy midway entertainment and attractions until the DJ calls their group to enter. The Midway’s newest attraction is the 4D Asylum Experience which is an immersive 4-dimensional simulation that utilizes touch, smell, sight and movement to create a scary and realistic reenactment of asylum experimentation conducted by doctors and nurses during the late 1800’s. Another unique attraction featured on the midway is Relic, a voodoo themed mini-escape game which allows patrons 3 minutes to escape the room using clues & puzzles. Live entertainment can always be found on the midway whether it’s coming from the state of the art Lake Hickory Haunts stage, bellowing from the DJ Crows Nest, or from actors roaming amongst the crowd. Guests are always welcome to take photos & video to capture memories of their visit. Other midway offerings include: concessions, the Monster Mart gift shop, psychic readings, photo opportunities, an awe-inspiring overlook of the entire Lake Hickory Haunts tour & more. The Midway of Mayhem is only a taste of what is yet to come during a guest’s visit at Lake Hickory Haunts.

Upon entering the heart and soul of Lake Hickory Haunts, guest face their greatest fears in the Nightmare Factory. It’s an old decrepit 3500 square foot building with a mind of its own. Dr. Death and his nurses have created a fast-acting serum know as NR2. Upon entry, victims are showered by NR2, which takes their worst nightmares and turns them into reality. The Nightmare Factory aggressively delivers non-stop terror and scares throughout its entirety. Throughout this horrific beast, victims encounter Dr. Death, the Asylum, Granny’s House of Horrors, the Doll Factory, the Boiler room, and the Heart of the Factory. The Nightmare Factory is one of the most heart-pounding and challenging attractions. For this reason, some guests won’t even make it through before deciding it’s too scary. The Nightmare Factory is a horrifically perfect introduction of what’s more to come.
Between life & death, undead creatures wander endlessly in despair in the Lair of the Undead. Their souls are trapped in a realm between reality & dream, and they will do whatever it takes to regain their life. Some of these foul creatures have some soul left, some do not. Zombies, spirits, and everything in-between lurk within the lair. Some slow, some fast, but they all have one mission…to take a living soul and make it their own. The Lair of the Undead is a splendid showcase of Lake Hickory Haunts’ variety of industry leading actors, makeup, costumes and imagination.


Utilizing its unique location along the banks of Lake Hickory, Shipwrecked is an astonishing attraction within Lake Hickory Haunts. A crew of undead pirates are shipwrecked, the cause unknown; however, they blame the “mortals” for their luck. Now they seek revenge. This soulless crew of pirates have united with an insidious group of voodoo practitioners. Together, they seek to loot, torture, and massacre as many mortals as they can. Shipwrecked combines the classic theme of brutal undead pirates with ancient tales of voodoo & witchcraft. Together, they present an incredible, immersive storyline which simultaneously creates a threatening and uneasy environment for patrons. However, Shipwrecked is a walk-in- the-park in comparison to what lies beyond the depths of the jungle.
While some haunted attractions might have a weak spot in the middle of their tour, this is not the case at Lake Hickory Haunts. Right in the center of the hour-long tour, Extinction awaits. This one of a kind attraction combines incredible animatronics, ridiculous special FX, and unbelievable visuals. Grouped with a wide-array of sea-creatures, aliens, and mad-scientists, Extinction reigns itself superior to any other Sci-fi themed attraction. Before approaching the core part of Extinction, tension builds as guests travel through Mutant Alley. From Mutant Alley, guests see the smoke, hear the alarms, and feel the terror emitting from the entrance of Extinction and its facilities. Once inside, a sinister Xenomorph awaits. This alien has not come from outer space but has emerged from the depths below the dark waters of Lake Hickory. Known as Kluath, this creature has powers beyond human comprehension. Its intentions are world domination by means of mutation and genocide of the human race. Its menacing laboratory is found on the banks of the water. Inside, Kluath conducts abominable experiments in which humans, sea creatures, and many other life forms are genetically and physically combined or mutated to create a new race of abominable creatures. Kluath is building an army with plans to destroy all humans, and his sinister power is unmatched by any force in the world. Within Extinction, water, laboratories, and unknown dimensions await. Extinction is a state-of-the-art, Hollywood quality attraction. Extinction alone would be well worth the admission price.
After Extinction, guests make their way to a post-apocalyptic attraction, known as Aftermath. If you’ve ever seen Mad Max or Walking Dead, you can imagine what Aftermath is like. This attraction taunts guests with a giant territorial wall, like Alexandria in the Walking Dead. Guests come toe-to-toe with defensive survivalists on the brink of extinction. Using busses, cars, metal and anything else they can get their hands on, Aftermath inhabitants built a small city surrounded by walls to protect themselves from outside threats. Anything and anyone that doesn’t live within their walls are a threat to survival. Using guns, man-made weapons & tools, these once civilized humans are now a force to be reckoned with.
While Aftermath is threatening, the Slaughterhouse is sickening. Standing beyond the banks of Lake Hickory is an abandoned slaughterhouse. In the early 1900’s, this slaughterhouse was utilized mostly for cattle & chicken. Unfortunately, the slaughterhouse was closed & condemned when modern corporations took over the industry, but recently a hoard of brutal and cynical cannibals, led by a monstrous madman named Leatherface, have taken shelter inside, turning the old slaughterhouse into a sick and demented place of unthinkable horrors. The Slaughterhouse “family” have endless tools and torture devices used to kill captured humans. This horrifying attraction uses smell, touch, sound, climate control and visuals, bringing to life a new dimension of sick and twisted scares & scenes, and prepares guests for the insanity that’s next to come.


Once guests have survived the Slaughterhouse, their demise is apparent in Descent. Descent is a brand-new attraction for 2018. Throughout Descent, guests will make their way through a dark and treacherous descent into a cave with unknown horrors… and anomalies. Descent features an actual underground cave! That’s right folks, Lake Hickory Haunts will feature a real and legitimate underground cave. The cave is not just an illusion, guests will literally make their way underground to feature some of their greatest fears. Lake Hickory Haunts is holding true to its reputation by delivering another never-before seen attraction. Within the cave, guests will come face to face with even more fear-filled elements, creatures and special FX including catacombs, caverns, sewers, mineshafts, and total darkness. Descent is sure to be a top-rated haunted house attraction at Lake Hickory Haunts in 2018.  
Lastly, guests come face to face Boss the Clown and his Big Top Circus. Boss the Clown is one of the original and most well-known iconic characters. The Big Top Circus has served as a staple in Lake Hickory Haunts since opening in 2012. As guests approach the colorful and seemingly fun-filled Big Top Circus, they hear circus music, smell cotton candy, and watch as clowns dance around and entertain. The Circus is fun and unbelievably cool, but the fun ends where the terror begins, because this is just a trick to lure unsuspecting victims. Boss is another sick and twisted monster with cruel intentions. He brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘evil clown’. His Circus is known as the best evil circus in the Carolina’s. Boss and his clowns use sinister science and experimentation to mutate all humans into killer clowns. His goal…world domination. He is determined to place clowns at the top of the ‘food chain’. If anyone attempts to escape they will be captured and forcibly transformed. The madness, terror, and agony that wait within Boss’s Laboratory are beyond human comprehension. Once inside the Circus, there is no way to escape the horror’s which have been created by the sick and demented mind of Boss. Within the Big Top Circus, Lake Hickory Haunts showcases the nation’s best group of clown actors. They swing on rafters, stilt walk, jump from place to place, and they are insanely entertaining! Oh, and did I mention?... The Circus is 3D! What else would you expect from Lake Hickory Haunts? This dark, high energy, terrifying madness marks the end of the Lake Hickory Haunts tour. These clowns send patrons running for their lives through the exit and onto the midway, delivering the perfect ending of one of the best haunted attractions in the Carolina’s and throughout the nation.

The A-Team
Behind all the madness, Ryan Settlemyre, Co-Owner and Director of Operations at Lake Hickory Haunts contributes most of the haunt’s success to his team. “We have a core group of highly talented and dedicated individuals that I call our A-Team. Without them, Lake Hickory Haunts could not be what it is,” Ryan explained. His team includes an Actor Manager, Art Director, Build Crew, Maintenance, and Customer Manager to name a few.
Ryan and his team work together as a unit to achieve their objectives & goals. “Every year we hold a team meeting where we brainstorm our ideas. From there, we collaborate and come together on certain objectives that we want to achieve. These objectives range from building new attractions to improving our costume department and improving our staff’s acting skills. Our ultimate mission is to both scare and entertain, giving customers the most enjoyable and memorable experience possible.” Ryan further explained, “As long as Lake Hickory Haunts is in operation, we will make every decision based on our mission statement and core values. Our team is phenomenal, and I think it’s because everyone gets the mission. It’s not about us or our individual opinions. We believe whole heartedly the customer always knows best. Our haunt fans keep us in operation year after year. They’re the one’s who travel to Lake Hickory Haunts and pay to be entertained. Whether we’re working in January or October, our team consistently keeps the customers interest in mind.”


From young to old, goth to redneck, and everything in-between, Ryan’s team is as diverse as his monsters & haunted houses. “A-team is a group of completely unique individuals that come together for a common cause. Our cause is Lake Hickory Haunts and our haunt fans,” said Ryan. “Our team is made up of people who in most cases might never become friends, but because of Lake Hickory Haunts, unlikely friendships and relationships are made, and that is truly valuable. They are the reasons our team is so special, and why Lake Hickory Haunts will continue to succeed for decades to come.”



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How to build a Corn Maze - Halloween 2018
Mon, July 23, 2018
As the Halloween season draws near we want to go behind the scenes at haunted houses, corn mazes, pumpkin patches and more to show you how much work goes into making these attractions.  Check out this video of HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN CORN MAZE!  We found this video to be simply Halloween fantastic.  This video takes you step by step thru the process of creating a World Class Corn Maze.  Will you visit a corn maze this Halloween well you can find a corn maze near you right now at or 

Corn mazes are just Halloween fun!  Most corn mazes also include some sort of pumpkin patch while others a hayride or haunted house.  Find one today and celebrate Halloween.

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Go Behind the Screams as Haunted Houses Gear up to for the 2018 Halloween season
Mon, July 23, 2018

Go behind the scenes at one of America's Best and Scariest haunted houses and learn secrets about make up, masks, and what it takes to work inside of a World Class Haunted House. 

Haunted Houses across America are set to open and most include WORLD CLASS make up artists, monster masks, and breath taking costumes.  Most amusement park haunts do NOT put on the same quality productions.  Amusement parks typically set up their haunts at the last minute while haunted house operators and owners work YEAR AROUND to deliver the best horror themed entertainment in the WORLD!  With the opening of Haunted House will also bring all types of Halloween attractions such as pumpkin patches, hayrides, corn mazes, and simply everything Halloween.  Farmers will transform their farms into Halloween events.  The small independent owner operator are the driving forces behind creating Halloween magic due to overwhelming passion and their commitment to working year around! 

Go behind the screams as we follow the crew at The Darkness Haunted House get ready their season.  Watch the videos below and learn what it really takes to own, operate and produce a WORLD class haunted house. 

Find haunted houses World Wide at  or 

This first video focuses on MASKS and MAKE UP


You can apply to work at The Darkness at

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Netherworld under Massive Re-Build - Netherworld Escape
Sun, July 15, 2018

The Team behind Netherworld haunted house are FULL TEAM AHEAD rebuilding from ground up!  Recently we visited Ben Armstrong and his crew to find out the latest about the all-new Netherworld.  Now Netherworld has a new location near a popular tourist attraction called Stone Mountain.  The new Netherworld is over 4 times bigger than their old location and also features
three different escape rooms, Netherworld Horror Museum, VIP Party Rooms and two massive haunted houses. 

After touring the famous haunted house I was left with a feeling like CAN THEY GET THIS FINISHED because there is a lot of work yet to do!  
When we visited we saw no less than 20 to 25 people working overtime to complete the all new Netherworld haunted house in Atlanta, Georgia. 
The three escape rooms and horror museum are already open to the public after tour those attractions we left extremely impressed.  The horror museum 
is simply World Class probably the best thing Netherworld has ever done that I've seen.  Their escape rooms have a lot of very cool elements and are 
top notch when it comes to attention to detail. 

If you're out touring haunted house this Fall make sure you check out the all-new Netherworld 
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