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Transworld Haunted House and Escape Room Tradeshow Coming May 6-9
Thu, April 01, 2021

Transworld Halloween Haunt and Escape Tradeshow is finally happening after more than a year of waiting.  Due to Covid the 2020 annual tradeshow was canceled which sent an entire industry into a spiral.  Many haunted houses and escape rooms closed their doors forever, while most powered thru and are ready for the annual tradeshow to return.  The tradeshow was originally scheduled for early March 2021 but due to ongoing covid restrictions it was pushed back until May 6-9, 2021 in St Louis Missouri.   You can get more details at 

So what should you expect at the 2021 tradeshow?  Most vendors will still exhibit because their 2020 money was rolled over to 2021.  Some vendors however will not exhibit despite losing deposits like Unit 70.  Some vendors are choosing not to exhibit because they're already totally sold out and can't take anymore orders for 2021. A tradeshow for the haunted house industry in May is basically only worth about 25% of its original value.  About 25% of all vendors orders come between November and January  taking advantage or winter sales.  Another 50% of orders are placed right around the Transworld show and the balance about 25% are placed through out the summer months.  Once Transworld announced the show was moving to May buyers started placing orders and now most vendors are nearly sold out.  Our guess is most vendors have about 25% or less capacity for new orders!  Our advice DO NOT wait until the Transworld Show call your favorite vendors and BUY NOW otherwise you may not get the opportunity to order. 

We also do NOT expect you can buy as many products off the show floor as vendors are bringing products already sold and using Transworld for pick up!  AGAIN ORDER NOW!   Most vendors we've spoken to have stated  they're already SOLD OUT for 2021 or taking orders for late Summer early September.  If you wait for Transworld show which is another full month away you might be disappointed.  

A tradeshow in May doesn't work for the haunted house industry but Transworld had no choice it was May or nothing.  The haunted house industry wants to get together, and try to get back on a path of normalcy.  Vendors need the bulk of orders to be placed long before May and haunt owners know better than to wait until May.  Even though many vendors will have limited capacity to take orders at this years show, there is still plenty of reasons to attend.  All the seminars and educations opportunities are still available with very few changes from what you signed up for in 2020.  The communication with other haunters is invaluable, and honestly walking the tradeshow gives you creative energy to take back to your business.  Transworld should be back on track in 2022 with dates in early March and hopefully by this Halloween season there are no more covid related issues.  We do however want to stress that many vendors if not most will still have some product on the show floor to sell, or ability to take some orders but do NOT take that chance... ORDER NOW.   

Escape rooms have been drastically impacted by covid, losing corporate parties, single bookings into unsold games, and having to close for a period.  Many haunted houses made the early call NOT to open for 2020 Halloween fearing a lack of interest, which turned out to be the exact opposite.  Haunted Houses that opened got overwhelming demand for customers.  No word yet if all the Christmas vendors will return because no tradeshow floor map has been updated to Transworld website.  With that being said the Christmas industry had a RECORD YEAR... keep in mind people were looking for something to do and most Christmas shows are drive thru! 

Overall i believe the show despite every curve ball thrown in its direction,will be overwhelming successfull. You should attend the show and absorb some of that creative energy, talk to vendors, place some orders, take in some education and feel great about the future!  Owning and operating Christmas, Escape or haunted house attractions is a passion based industry and the passion is there to be together surrounded by what makes them motivated to get back to work.  Even though I'm strongly advicing you to PLACE ORDERS NOW, the show floor will be FLUSH with products to see, touch and experience.  This coming Transworld show is for the now and the future of getting all these industries back on track!  Support Transworld and support the vendors! 

Despite all the hurdles the show will be a success just because it happened.  Have fun and have a great time. 

We will not be doing behind the scenes tours of our escape rooms in 2021 however they're open for bookings at 

A word of warning if you don't book NOW, our escape rooms are basically sold out just from local business every single weekend.  Since last Transworld St Louis Escape has added Frankenstein Escape, Dracula Escape, and Wonderful Wizard of Oz plus a blacklight mini golf and arcade.  Book today! 

As for haunted house tours, we initially thought about opening Creepyworld and started overhauling it the minute we closed for the 2020 Halloween season.  We have already spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to get Creepyworld ready for Transworld but over the winter temp dropped below zero and stopped us cold.  We continue to work on Creepyworld building a new pumpkin barn, funeral home haunted house, and a video mapping attraction.  Its not likely that we could get Creepyworld done in time for Transworld,  even though we're currently working on it everyday.  As we speak we have 4 to 6 people working on Creepyworld every single day.  If something changes we'll let you know.  We decided not to attempt opening Lemp because we didn't even open Lemp for the Halloween season.  Lemp is located inside a cave and needs a lot of cleaning and repair we just didn't have time.  As for The Darkness we renovated the Darkness as if we would open for Transworld and just completed the total 2021 renovation in time for a local special event called Scream Break.  We added several new scenes including a haunted conservatory, haunted pumpkin barn, new gift store, thousands dollars in upgrades, this on top of overthink we did leading up to 2020 Transworld. 

The Darkness can open however we have yet to decide if we want to attempt opening for Transworld 2021.  If something changes it would be very last minute.  If any tour is added it will be a behind the scenes tour only.  

Again have a great time at Transworld 2021! 

PS:  If you see Rich and Jen walking around the Tradeshow floor give them a HUGE THANK YOU!  Trying to get this show back on track has been an overwhelming acheivement.  Thank you Jen and Rich from Hauntworld! 

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Transworld Haunted House / Escape Room Tradeshow Changes Dates
Tue, December 29, 2020
NOTICE FROM TRANSWORLD about new dates Haunted House Tradeshow 2021.


Hello everyone-

It's hard to believe during these challenging times that the holiday season is here already! As we all scramble to come up with creative ways to safely celebrate with family and friends, we want to update you on the status of our 2021 show. Due to the spike in numbers regarding COVID-19 we have made the difficult decision to push back our show dates from March to May. Our new dates are May 6-9, 2021.

Please know that TransWorld is very committed to producing the best show we can in 2021. To deliver on that promise, we are working hard to run the show in accordance with the current COVID guidelines from the CDC, the State of Missouri, the City of St. Louis, America's Center, and our hotel and vendor partners. Guidelines may change and we recommend that you frequently review the "Health and Safety" page on our sites for updates. The health and safety of our exhibitors, buyers and staff is of the utmost importance to us.

We understand that this has been a very frustrating process for everyone. We truly appreciate everyone's support for our shows in such uncertain times. We are looking forward to seeing all of you in St. Louis May 6-9, 2021 for an exciting event that will bring you products, seminars and networking opportunities to jump start your business for the 2021 season!

Regarding booked hotel rooms:

We are currently working with the hotels on a smooth transition of room reservations. It will take a few weeks for the reservations departments to move the reservations as well as send emails to you, if appropriate. In addition, it will take the hotels a few weeks to send TransWorld updated information for our travel page (new deposit dates, cut off date, booking links, etc.) Please give the hotels a few weeks to implement the changes in your reservations as outlined below.

All current hotel reservations for the 2021 March show dates will either be rebooked or rolled over to the new May 2021 dates by the hotels. Hotel procedures differ at each property. If your hotel reservation has been cancelled and rebooked you will receive a new confirmation number via email. If your reservation has been rolled over, you may not receive a new confirmation number. If you have any questions please contact the hotel directly.

Please review the list below to determine whether your reservation is being rebooked or rolled over.

Hotels Hotels that will roll over your reservations for you:

  • Holiday Inn
  • Courtyard
  • Hampton Inn
  • Magnolia
  • Lumiere
  • Hotel St. Louis

Hotels Hotels that will rebook your reservations for you

  • Marriott
  • Four Seasons (or they will call you)
  • Embassy Suites
  • DoubleTree

Hotels: Hotels that will either rebook or roll over your reservations for you.

  • Drury Arch
  • Drury Convention Center

If you need to make a change to your reservation or cancel it entirely, please contact the hotel directly. Hotel information can be found at

We wish you the happiest of holidays and we look forward to seeing you in St. Louis in May, 2021! As always, please feel free to call us with any questions you may have,

Warmest regards,

The TranWorld Team

For information about TransWorld's shows visit

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Terror Behind the Walls Closed for 2020 - What does this mean for the Haunt Industry
Thu, June 18, 2020

Terror Behind the Walls CLOSED for 2020 haunted house season!  What does this mean for the haunted house industry? 

First lets read the statement by Terror Behind the Walls today on their facebook page: 

'We have some sad news to share. The financial impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has forced us to suspend Terror Behind the Walls for 2020.
Preparations for TBTW were underway for months, but we ultimately determined that modifying the attraction to comply with anticipated COVID-19 guidelines would have presented significant operational challenges and financial risk to Eastern State.
Instead, Eastern State will offer smaller-scale evening tours of the penitentiary this fall. More details to come.
It’s a sad day at Terror Behind the Walls. We hope to share some good news with you soon

Terror Behind the Walls is one of the biggest if not the biggest haunted house events in America attracting over 100,000 guests to their haunt each year.  I'm sure they didn't make this decision quickly.  We're talking about up to 4 million dollars down the drain with one post on facebook all I can say is WOW!   TBTW is based in downtown Philly which is a very liberal city, with liberal mayors and rules just like Chicago or LA. I think it's fair to say that cities with liberal mayors are taking a more strict approach to re-opening business while republican led area's are wanting business to re-open more quickly.  Not saying one is right and the other is wrong but knowing the rules are going to be very strict could have played a huge factor here.  On the flip side most of PA is very RED especially in these farming communities those haunts should have less to worry about when it comes to opening.  The staff of TBTW may have come to the conclusion based on their statement about financial harm, that spending well north of a million dollars to produce the event might backfire if the city does another shutdown.   How would you like to be caught just ramping up and boom you shut down again with the type of financial investment they must make each year.  TBTW also mentions they laid off 40% of their staff, possible they don't have the man power to pull it off.  Or maybe they're making this decision based on risk verse reward.  Let me explain. 

The reward could be attendance down by 50% maybe you net around 1 million dollars, whereas the risk is you spend all that money to produce the show and you can't open losing 1 million dollars.  In other words its a flip of the coin, and considering they have other revenue streams such as tours of the facility why risk it.  Furthermore they might be concerned about potential lawsuits from large gatherings or the restrictions the city would place on them make it totally impossible to operate.  Should the haunted house industry be alarmed or shaken to the core by this announcement?  NO!  Why?  Well because TBTW is not a private business like the mass majority of haunts across the country.  If any haunted attraction event was going to close or skip 2020 I would have predicted a haunt like TBTW, Theme Parks or Charity based haunts.  I would also expect to see several theme parks cancel Halloween and maybe every charity based event cancelled. 

With the way the media is acting right now (out to get everyone it seems) how much positive PR could come to your event this year?  Remember this is an election year and the media is HELL BENT on getting rid of Donald Trump.  I would expect October to be a WARZONE ACROSS Media outlets trying to further divide the country, predicting bleak outlooks on business, employment, etc.  People might not have jobs, money, or motivation to do anything in October.   The media is depressing people how much can we all take?  Or maybe and hopefully for us people need some escape from reality.  I sure hope so its possible.  By the end of September how many cities, and states can afford keeping business shut down?  These unemployment bonus checks END in a couple weeks will that motivate cities even liberal ones to get business back in action?  I would hope so!  I do think we're going to open as an industry because we simply can't continue to function as a country under these conditions.  Getting back to haunting let's consider most professional for profit haunted houses are very small business's with no other options for revenue.  Not opening would send Shockwaves across this industry. 

If the mass majority of haunts didn't open or if they opened and retained less than half  of their customers what would happen to the industry as we know it?

Let me make some predictions: 

1)  Transworld:  I would strongly consider cancelling the 2021 show.  Why?  That is easy no one would spend a dime, vendors would know up front haunt owners have no money and probably would go out of business.  How could haunt vendors survive two seasons in a row of virtually no revenue?  They couldn't.  Right now we're asking vendors to hang in there, fight until next March.  But if the writing is on the wall that haunted houses are losing their shirts, what would they do next?  Would they spend tens of thousands of dollars to attend a tradeshow half full with buyers just looking and no spending?  Please!   IAAPA has already cancelled their second hall, and said they will be way down on exhibitors and buyers in 2020.   Wouldn't the same apply to Transworld?   Maybe there would be a show but it would be right back where it started about 10 rows and thats it.   The industry needs to be successful in 2020 for everyone's sake especially the vendors.  Vendors need a sign of hope to make another run and we as an industry can't let them or Transworld down. 

2)  Vendors:  As stated above you can pretty much write off over 50% of every vendor we know and love as gone!  Some might end up working in theme parks, finding jobs with production companies outside the industry, or just finding a new line of work.  There is NO WAY IN HELL vendors survive another year like this one just simply NO WAY!  Even if they could survive after firing virtually their entire staff what kind of product could they produce on a mass scale?  Therefore there is no more Transworld no more haunted house tradeshows.  GONE!   Yes some haunts would survive this especially theme parks who produce massive events, therefore some vendors would make it but not enough for a full blown tradeshow. 

3)   Haunted Attractions:  The industry would finally come FULL CIRCLE and be back to where it all started charity based events with theme parks running the for profit side.  Yes some haunts will FIND A WAY to borrow money to survive 10 months and try to open the following year.  However the damage would be so overwhelming that only the haunts who own their property, debt free and access to borrowing could make it.  Very sad but very true. I also feel many haunted house owners would just give up on the industry and try something else like axe throwing, escape rooms, some social attraction or maybe they would find employment with a theme park.  Many haunt owners are already doing side attractions and finding its more profitable with less stress than haunting.  The industry as we know it right now is walking the tight rope. 

So what do we do?  For one I just read an article IAAPA published with so called industry experts talking about using mirrors, sound fx,  eliminating chainsaws (HUH) (Don't people run from those?)  stopping insensitive themes (since when have haunts been worried about that considering we have bloody bodies everywhere) these so called industry experts laid an egg in this interview.  We shouldn't be talking about what we SHOULDN'T DO ... we should be talking about what we're GOING TO DO!  IF WE OPEN WE PLAN ON MAKING PEOPLE SCREAM AND SCREAM AGAIN!  PERIOD! 

Furthermore we can't have people with virtually nothing to lose, or very little experience talking to the media on behalf of our industry.  The most experienced vets with positive talking points need to do the talking for EVERYONE!   We need every haunt who's called about these issues  refer those reporters to people like myself, or Chris Stafford who has a lot to lose by a negative story.  This is the time for the real industry leaders to STEP UP and take charge.   We can't afford another story from YAHOO who spins the IAAPA story into some NO SCREAMING in 2020 article READ HERE.  We simply can't afford people talking on behalf of an entire industry who doesn't own a haunted house, saying things like 'chainsaws must be eliminated' or suggesting we use 'mirrors' to scare.  Let me explain something here... how about you tell everyone in the theme park the roller coaster is open, we put them in the seat, fasten them inside, then show them a video of what the ride would have been like had had we launched the coaster.  Suggesting we eliminate chainsaws, use mirrors, or change  themes to not offend anyone... WHAT IS THIS GUY TALKING ABOUT?  Why do people come to a haunted house HELLO?  TO GET SCARED so if you are advocating toning down that experience due to COVID then just CLOSE because if we can't deliver what guests are paying for what are we doing?  I'm not eliminating a chainsaw something people RUN FROM not kiss on the lips ... last a checked RUNNING from someone with a chainsaw wouldn't that be a good social distance tool?  OMG what a moronic statement.  

Why play defense we need to play offense.  We need a sensible plan that works for all haunts, which would include warning signs posted everywhere including your website, suggesting all guests wear masks, temp checks on your staff, washing stations, and then just roll like its 2019!   There are other things we can do like eliminating squeeze walls, or eliminating 'ROAMER' actors, making sure no 3D glasses are re-used, station every single actor in a scarezone/scarebox, etc.   We can make sure actors wear the same costume, same mask, reducing staff,  blah, blah.  In other words we can come up with a sensible plan but closing your haunt is not good for your business or the industry as a whole. We could even airbrush masks for our actors so they look like masks WOW who would have thought... no just  eliminate chainsaws says one so called industry expert.  Please!  

Here is the bottom line we as an industry need a plan a plan that works for everyone.  We need to come together and create this plan and we can't do it on facebook.  Facebook haunt industry groups are overrun with people who do NOT OWN HAUNTED HOUSES!  PERIOD!  I got ripped on by some of these people for producing a video to help haunt owners make more money.  WHAT?  How do these industry know it alls think they get paid?  C'mon I have no time to listen to that non-sense.  Do you want our new video its awesome and it will HELP YOUR BUSINESS BIG TIME... CLICK HERE 

We can discuss idea's on Hauntworld Forums CLICK HERE, we can narrow down a group of industry leaders to have ZOOM meetings, and we can come out with an OFFENSIVE game plan to score SCREAMS!  We can work together, and we can accomplish anything if we work as a team.   Don't be afraid to buy from a vendor, open your haunt, and GIVE THEM HELL without fear of offending someone with your scary doctors, bloody hospitals, or any theme you choose.  WE NEED TO PLAY OFFENSE HERE AND GO FOR IT... tell your costumers you're going to give them the scares of a lifetime.  Tell your customers yeah no basketball, no baseball, but there will be SCREAMING in 2020!  The haunt industry is here to entertain safely!   

Do we need to cut spending, staffing, marketing and do we need to enact some safety protocols?  YES!  Do we need to close down?  NO WAY! 

I will start a thread on Hauntworld and open up the discussion for THE PLAN to open this season.  I hope you participate! If you do not have a forum user name and password create one let me know and we'll approve it asap!   

I'm looking forward to the discussion we still have several weeks to get it done!  Lastly, I wish the staff of Terror Behind the Walls a SCARY RETURN in 2021!  We will miss you guys in 2020 but the haunting must go on!  We need to save Halloween, Our business, Vendors and Transworld who's done everything you can imagine to grow our industry.  

Happy Haunting. 


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Create Animation Control Room - Haunted House How to
Wed, June 03, 2020
  Secrets Revealed:  The House of Torment Control Room
By Jon Love and Daniel McCullough from House of Torment 
Back end procedures tend to vary from haunt to haunt depending on size, location, and attraction type.  Operations for a 10,000 person/year single attraction haunt differ than that of a 70,000 person/year multi attraction scare park.  Despite the differences between events one thing is universally certain:  smooth behind the scenes operations are a critical part of any successful haunted attraction.  For our business, the House of Torment in Austin Texas (a two attraction haunted house serving 40,000 + patrons/year) we created a centralized command center that is the beating operational heart of our event.  From it we activate all of our props, visually monitor and record every room in our haunted house via infrared cameras, control sound levels, operate lighting and fog controllers, maintain air supply, and coordinate communication with our entire 100+ person/night staff.  We call it the “Control Room” and we are going take you through our theory behind its use and the benefits it has brought our business.
The Idea Behind it all
From the start we wanted to have the best timing possible with our props.  We wanted customers, even if they spotted a prop, to be stunned when it activated when they least expected it.  Year one we researched other haunts, builders, and electronics manufacturers and discovered that by combining the use of infrared video security technology, custom switch boards, and some minor wiring techniques we could run prop triggers and video feeds to a central station with monitors and activators.  We could then sit back, watch the show, and at the perfect time flip a switch giving customers a scare they’d remember. 
Early on after building out our first camera station and prop trigger board we decided to run our audio controllers back to the same area to keep them out of the fog filled haunted house. The room we were using was also somewhat removed from the attraction so it ended up being a good place to store our compressors as well.  That first year our control room was equipped with a 4 camera monitor unit with VCR, a small compressor (compared to the ones we have now), a few CD players and a handful of radios.  It was a modest version of our present command center that has since been through tens of thousands of dollars of upgrades, expansions, and improvements.  We now use digital video recorders, dozens of commercial grade night vision cameras, MP3 players, DMX lighting and DMX fog controllers, better communication units, and much larger compressors. 

What was supposed to be a timing technique quickly turned into operational gold for us becoming a core element of our business and over the years the control room has in a way become our brainchild.  Finding ways to broaden its capability and increase its function have become staple parts of our off season as each year we continue to face growing demand, and improving haunt technologies.  So far, we have identified 4 major categories of benefits the control room provides our business (they are list below in no particular order).  In the future however there will undoubtedly be more, but for now these are the main reasons we use a control room to operate our haunt.
Safety, Liability, & Security
One of the main features of our control room, the camera system, allows us to have eyes and ears everywhere in the haunted house which increases haunt safety and security while reducing liability.
During the course of a season inevitably some incidents will occur as people walk through or work in our attraction.  It’s a dark, loud, chaotic environment and while we take every safety precaution known to man to ensure our customer’s and actor’s safety sometimes things happen.  Clothing may get torn, personal items may get lost, sets may get trashed, or even worse, every haunted house owner’s nightmare, someone may get hurt. 

Our camera system not only allows us to monitor activity inside the haunted house in real time, it records the footage on to hard drives.  Whenever we have an incident we never end up in a “he said she said” situation.  We simply pull the footage from the drives and watch to determine what really happened, and where the fault, if any, lies.  To no surprise we have found that over 99% of incidents occur when people, whether it’s a customer or an actor, don’t follow the rules and guidelines of the haunted house. 
In addition, because we can see everything in real time, we are able to track potential “problem” customers we think may be aggressive towards our actors or sets.  They may have had a bit too much to drink or they may seem a little too hostile or afraid.  Whatever the case may be when we identify a potential “problem” customer we have a security officer monitor their trip through the haunted house in our control room and at the first sign of trouble, escort them out.       

Timing & Prop Activation
Because we can see everything in our haunt during operation we don’t time our props, rather we time our customers.  Our control room operators are experts at timing groups and using a group’s personality to understand what will be the best time and way to activate props and effects.  Sometimes that means blasting a group twice with an air shot, or waiting until the big guy in the front has passed the Skele-rector, or even letting some one think “It’s not going to move,” and then surprising them out of their shirt (it has happened).  Each group acts its own unique way and monitoring them on camera lets us learn something about them and then tailor their experience accordingly.  Our props are essentially extensions of our control room operators and whether the effect is the misdirection for the actor or the actor is the misdirection for the effect, having props manually timed and activated adds another layer of depth to our event.
It is also beneficial to manually activate props from our control room so there are never step pads or sensors for customers to find.  Sometimes with “in haunt” triggers customers will stand in one place and continually activate an animation over and over again killing throughput, bogging down operation, and draining air supply.  Customers may also get too close or end up somewhere they shouldn’t be making a prop activation potentially hazardous.  Putting the power of activation in the hands of a trained professional prevents those problems from arising keeping the show safe and moving along.      

Centralization of Systems
Our control room is much more than a camera and prop activation station.  While visually monitoring our event and manually activating our props provides a plethora of advantages, having all of our core functions in one place is key.  We monitor and control lighting, fog, communication, audio, and air supply all from one location.  Coupled with our camera system we are able to instantly adjust almost any element of the attraction with the press of a few buttons.  We are able to know what systems are up, at what intervals they are running, at what levels they are operating, and what if any need adjusting.  We always have a good idea if our customers are getting the experience they paid for because we can simultaneously monitor all the critical functions of our attraction.  In the event something needs tweaking it is very simple to diagnose what is going on when everything is right in front of you, coordinate with the appropriate staff member, and address the issue.  We also store our tools alongside a variety of spare parts in our control room to have quick access to anything we may need in an emergency maintenance situation.  Overall, centralizing the control of our haunted house is the fundamental theory we have used to develop and run our back end operation.  It’s the basis on which the control room is built.     

Refinement & Training
One of the biggest benefits the control room has offered us, the ability to see what works and what doesn’t, has made for some of our most exciting and humbling experiences.  Because we are able to constantly watch our props, effects, actors, and customers we can see when our ideas work better than we ever expected and when they fail to even be noticed.  What ever the case may be the control room has enabled us to continually refine our event.  We watch to see if scares provide the impact we want, to pin point areas that create flow problems, and to monitor our actors to make sure they are doing a good job.  When something doesn’t work we change it until we get it right and in doing so grasp a better understanding of what will invoke the best reactions out of our customers.    
In addition, similar to the way football teams that watch film of competitors to understand what they’ll be facing in an upcoming game, we show our actors videos of customers.  We show them what works, what doesn’t, analyze customer types and study the footage together with our team. It’s great to be able to show our staff how making slight changes can create huge differences or how something on one side of the haunt affects something on the other side of the haunt.  Overall, monitoring and recording haunt footage night after night has made a huge impact on the quality of the event we produce.      
In conclusion our theory of having a centralized area to control the critical systems of our haunt has worked out to our advantage and fit our model well.  It has helped us produce a product that we haven’t seen replicated in our market.  It has given our business significant advantages and provided us with an operational infrastructure allowing us to smoothly sustain exponential growth while forever bettering ourselves and our attraction.  It has provided us with a priceless wealth of knowledge about our customers and how to be really good at what we do.  We understand the control room won’t fit everyone’s model and recognize that each event has its own way of running back end operations.  No way is right, no way is wrong.  Our way works for us and we hope that you may be able to take something from that.  Thanks for reading and good luck this season!  For more information about the House of Torment please visit
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10 Things you need to do to Open Escape Rooms
Tue, June 02, 2020
10 Things You Should Do Right Now to open your own Escape rooms
 by Larry Kirchner 
Escape rooms are pretty hot right now and making lots of money for some.  Over the past year, I've learned a lot about escape rooms from building four of my own plus several for different clients.  I've also learned so much from my conversations with friends who also operate escape rooms of their own, and of course I've learned from the good old fashion way of making mistakes and learning from them.  I feel the best way to learn anything is from digging in and taking your lumps.  The good news is...this industry shares a lot of information.  In this article, I will now share with you and hopefully save you some of the same growing pains.  Here are ten things I learned within the first six months of building escape rooms for clients as well as operating my own.
1) Marketing:   I learned quickly that escape rooms should be marketed only thru social media, not radio, television or any other type of traditional media.  If you're not a wizard at social media or digital media then hire someone.  I had to break down and hire a company to represent my escape rooms, and it's made a huge difference.  I think almost all failing escape rooms gravitate to Groupon.  Groupon is making a huge push to sign up as many escape rooms as possible.  The problem with Groupon is they make you cut your profits with a discount, and then they cut your profits again by giving them a huge percentage.  You would be much better off hiring a company to handle the marketing for you and focus on Google, Facebook and Instagram, and direct market to companies for team building events, specifically the HR Departments of businesses. 

2)  Operations:  I learned really fast that it's not a great idea to be open daily.  However, it's also not a great idea to be open only at night.  Corporate parties want day time hours not night.  I think it's best to keep limited hours on Wed-Thurs with a focus on being open early.  You'll need at least 15 minutes between games to reset.  You must also remember games can be damaged by customers, so stay on top of repairs at all times.   
3)  Buy Puzzle Books:  When I first created my escape rooms, I relied heavily on puzzle companies.  That was a mistake.  When you buy one from this company and one from that company you end up with so many different things created in different ways that it's hard to maintain.  On Amazon, you can find dozens of puzzle books.  Inside each book are puzzles that could inspire you to create non-electronic puzzles to open a lock or give a clue.  I wish I had bought these books prior to creating my first escape room.  I don't think every puzzle should be electronic.  In fact, some of the best puzzles are ideas derived from puzzle books whereby customers readily use their brain to complete a puzzle.  (BTW much cheaper.) 
4)  Visit Escape Rooms:   Regretfully, I did not.  However, I've found that many escape rooms offer very similar things, while at the same time creating their own unique ways of reinventing those common puzzles.  Visiting other escape rooms and understanding what everyone is doing can help your business.  It's something I personally need to do, but just haven't had the time.  However, every successful escape room owner I've talked to has done this and told me the great value in it.

5)  Don't Create the Get-Rich-Quick Games:  There are SO many escape rooms in operation with SO many more planning to open.  Several were created by gamers, who have great puzzle ideas but who set them up too affordably.  Many escape rooms are set-up in small spaces, many times on the second floor, and the mass majority are created for only $10-$20k.  Ultimately escape rooms will come to the same conclusion the haunt industry came to many years ago... With too many haunts in operation, so many more were failures than were successes.  Very confidently, I'm going to predict more than half of all escape rooms will go out of business within the next 18 months.  Even ones operated on the smallest of budgets still have bills to pay and owners who need to support themselves.  I also believe many of the franchise escape rooms will be some of the first to go, because the owners have to pay a percentage of their profits to the franchise.  The Escape Room industry is being expanded much too fast; this will put a massive squeeze on the industry as a whole, but even moreso on the smaller ones.  You will continue to see more and more open, diluting the industry to a breaking point.  The quality levels are just so all over the board, and in some markets, you're starting to hear more negative than positive from customers.  The bar will be set higher by those who think big.  In the end, the industry will see several drop out, but the best WILL survive.  That's my opinion, based on 30 years in a similar industry, the haunt industry.  If you're thinking about opening one, then do it bigger, better and more spectacular than anyone else in your market.  

6)  Hire some help:  When you're planning your first escape room, reach out to some escape rooms designers.  There's no harm in getting some prices.  I've learned there are experienced puzzle and room designers who will layout your entire room for as little as $2,500.  Why try and learn on the job?  If you're someone with theming experience, then what can it hurt to hire someone to help you with a great flow chart of puzzles?
7)  Equipment to do the job:  We've already built several escape rooms for clients, and one thing I learned quick is you need certain types of equipment/resources.  If you really want to go above in the build-out of your room, you might need a CNC machine, 3D printer, and of course a really good tech person.  Tech for a haunted house is totally different than tech for an escape room.  If you don't own a CNC machine then find a local company who does.  A 3D printer is something anyone can buy; the trick is...Do you know how to use it?  You can probably find people on the web (on sites like 'meetup') who can operate your 3D printer or CNC if you choose to purchase one. 

8)  Time to Go BIG:  Many escape rooms are what I would call generation 1.  These have little to no theming, lots of locks or math puzzles, and primarily seak-n-finds (aka simply finding hidden things around the room).  If you look around your market today, there might be 10-20 of these available, so something's gotta give.  I made a comment during my seminar last year that many low-budget escape games will inevitably find it hard to complete by the new incoming high-budget escape rooms.  Look at the Halloween Retail industry...Almost every lower budget "ma and pa" retail store got sent packing when the big box stores decided to sell the same items.  This is reality, and the first to go will be the generation 1 escapes.  The newer escape games opening will be way more advanced and exciting.  The purpose of my comment wasn't to insult but to forewarn those escapes.  Upgrade before it's too late.  Now one year later, there's even less time to upgrade and change. I want to help anyone in business who reads this magazine... there are big players getting into this industry and right now you’re about to be overrun with competition.  Think big now and go for it!!! I have always found in the haunt industry if you set the bar so high, others will think twice before going into competition with you!  Just a thought!
9) Party Rooms:  If you plan to build an escape room you MUST build party rooms.  Number one customers are cooperate groups!  When I first opened my escape rooms, I booked very few corporate groups, but almost immediately after opening the party rooms, I had more than I could deal with.  Furthermore, you can upcharge for the private use of the room.  My only suggestion is that you create a very unique party room atmosphere, not something with four walls and paint.  My main party room is well themed and includes pinball, shuffleboard, televisions, couches, a fireplace and board games. 
10)  Website:  First, you need a website where people can book your games.  I learned escape rooms and haunted house websites are two very different things.  Our first escape room site was dark; we didn't do well.  Then I totally changed the website and made things bright, more inviting.  Additionally, you'll need a Facebook and Instagram page, but again steer clear of doing anything dark.  Even though customers REALLY like the haunted themes, still keep your sites colorful and bright.  Don't make it seem too scary.  
We also created another how-to DVD, this one is called 'How to Create Escape Rooms' and you can purchase a copy at  
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