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Transworld Haunt Tour - Wrap up Video Released (Darkness Haunted House)
Sat, April 09, 2022

The Darkness haunted house opened for the 2022 Transworld Haunted House and Halloween Tradeshow.  The event was limited to 250 guests which includes a seminar and a behind the screams tour of The Darkness Haunted House.  The event sold out in three weeks and Hauntworld was on site to cover the event.  Hauntworld went inside the seminar, haunted house and filmed reactions from haunted houses across the World.  

The Darkness did not open for the industry in three years partially due to covid but opened to only 250 people in 2022.  The Darkness owners have not confirmed if they will open the Darkness in 2023.   The transworld show has been moved to early February for the 2023 show.  St Louis can be very cold in February which might limit tradeshow goers from roaming the streets of St Louis as in years past.  

We reached out to Larry Kirchner owner of The Darkness about opening in 2023 and he said "It can be zero degrees in St Louis in February, we wouldn't want people to wait in line to get into The Darkness"  Larry went on to say "If we do any kind of tour it would again be very limited, with strict timed ticketing approach".  Stay tuned to for more updates about everything happening inside the Haunted House Industry. 

Watch the wrap up video below


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