Haunted House in Patatskala, OH Haunted Hoochie at Dead Acres


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Roaming with heavy footfalls through the haunted industry for decades is a haunt whose mere name sends bolts of controversy down broken spines.  This gallery of gore stomps in the mouth of good taste and has embraced being a disgrace.  It’s a haunt that learned long ago…it’s just too much fun being bad.  Now, let’s peal back the flesh of secrecy on this rogue haunted venue, and see what spews out.  It’s time to slice off your eyelids and get ready to gaze into the unflinching world of the infamous Haunted Hoochie in Columbus, Ohio near Lancaster in a town called Pataskala, Ohio.   

The Haunted Hoochie has been fracturing young hearts and minds for 20 years.  Its origins are rooted fifty years into the past as one of the first haunted hayrides.  This pioneering event in haunted history was produced by Dead Acres owner/operator, Frank Dixon, Tim May’s grandfather.  Taking the torch of terror into the next generation, Tim evolved the family tradition of haunting from a hayride into a haunted trail known as the Haunted Hoochie, and then eventually relocated it in 2003 into an enormous self-contained indoor haunt, simultaneously expanding the business into a complete fully functional Halloween festival scream park, aptly named Dead Acres, for its rustically aged farm location.  Complete with hayrides, bonfires, Halloween themed parties and events, the face grinding Haunted Hoochie, as well as the all new mind bending 3D experience called Bad Trip 3D, Dead Acres has emerged as a perfectly realized total Halloween phenomenon.  Manufacturing murder and synthesizing sickness for over 50,000 fanatically loyal Hoochie Heads each year, this intimidating October event quickly accelerated to the top of the haunting world.  Recognized nationally as one of the best, Haunted Hoochie is unquestionably the most-extreme haunted house attraction in the nation.  

Dealing out death in spades, Haunted Hoochie has become an old dog ever learning new tricks in a tireless journey of constant hell raising fun.  Throughout the years, a code of misconduct has mutated into a sick fascination with suffering.  Their shift from traditional spooky scares into a slick style of pain-induced fear shook the core of customers and painted each night red with gallons of blood.  Long before Hollywood started pumping out their brand of pain in the likes of Saw or Hostel with the term “Gorno” coined, the Hoochie had been traveling down that flesh paved road for a decade.  Their downpour of death rained down on the public in the form of their legendary sadistic stage skits.


A  young customer base heading into the 21st century was being fed a constant stream of brutality through the internet and violent video games, and they hungered for more from their annual Halloween entertainment.  Through monstrous staged acts of gore and violence, the Hoochie satisfied the public’s growing lust for gore, slamming their fragile brains through the window of morality and never saying sorry.  
The Haunted Hoochie and their one-of-a-kind illusions are made onsite from inception to creation, all original.  The shock and awe they present blows people’s minds, literally!  A legendary Hoochie classic is the Shotgun Suicide.  A fan favorite, it had been performed then locked in the Hoochie vault only to be brought back for a new generation to enjoy.  One intense actor dashes out from the darkness armed to the teeth with a shotgun.  He badgers his guests before swallowing the barrel and compressing the trigger in an explosion of brains that plaster the wall behind him.  The revolting result is always splat-tacular with cheers and screams from the crowd.      

Another morbid move by the Haunted Hoochie was the creation of their Demon Birth Illusion.  This destruction of decency entails a pregnant woman stretched out on a gurney, hoisted in stirrups.  She screams out in pain to extract the spawn of Satan growing inside her.  A psychotic doctor accelerates the deliver by smashing a sledgehammer onto the woman’s swollen belly.  In an eruption of afterbirth, the demon fetus flies out across the room.  The doctor swings it from its umbilical cord.  The graphic nature of this illusion strips away any shred of ethics and dips it in acid.
An obsession with CHAINSAWS has infested this titan of terror since its creation.  The sound of a sharpened chain tearing through mangled flesh is a symphony of screams to their ears. A long tradition of dissections of death with these angry machines is alive and well.  Each year brings a new incarnation of carnage.  Picture a victim tied to a chair while thrashing to free himself as a chainsaw wielding maniac leaps forward taunting his rope bound victim before slicing through skull and brain matter.  Guests fall witness to some good old fashion skull splitting.  Then without mercy, the killer reaches deep into the newly exposed gore, ripping out the still twitching spine only to lick at the slowly dripping spinal fluid. At the Hoochie, you feel the bone chilling grind of the saw at your feet and the stench of fumes burning your nostrils.  These murder machines are in abundance throughout this malicious matrix, but strategically positioned as to maximize mayhem.  Flying chainsaws zip through the air grazing over unsuspecting heads, dropping guest to the floor only to have even more blasting up from unmarked graves.


The circle of life comes to a crashing halt under the carbine blade of The Circular Saw.  Another victim strapped to a table, inevitably his final resting place.  His useless cries are overpowered by the screeching whine of the weapon that is his fate. The power tool rips through flesh and bone as it travels across his thighs, suddenly the cut through table falters to the floor taking with it two butchered legs, leaving only screams of pain and two bloody stubs.
Scenes like these have caused controversy and intense discussion in the industry, and at one time even had designers of the Haunted Hoochie questioning their corruptible conduct. But it was the fans that had and always will have the last say in what they want to see in their favorite haunted house. Not one complaint was filed. There were no pleas for more restraint. The extreme nature of this haunt is known far and wide. When people enter the Haunted Hoochie. they know what they’re in for; they know what to expect. Anything less than over-the-top extreme gore would now be met with protest.
Here they do bad things to the human body in a glorified blood show, and that is what the Haunted Hoochie is known for nationwide. To lose any of that would be to lose their identity and betray the fans…no regrets, no apologies, no looking back.  So many elite haunts have made their mark on this industry whether it be through characters, costumes, make-up, CGI, or dark religious undertones. The Hoochie’s mark is branded into flesh and sealed with blood and gore. They choose to walk that path of pain and they do it oh so well! Extreme violence may be their trademark, but there is so much more to this haunt. The Haunted Hoochie is a well-rounded, fully functional mega haunt. With a 50,000 square foot haunt floor and over 100 trained actors, it packs the scares tight, one after the other…non-stop, and their onslaught is relentless, like a coiled snake ready to strike. With an army of animatronics from the best vendors in the industry, the actors pass the victims down the line like lambs to the slaughter.  

Set design has always been essential too. Buckets of blood, black plastic and plywood simply won’t cut it for Hoochie fans.  Each of the over 50 scenes that reside at the Haunted Hoochie are meticulously constructed and drenched in realism. A team of 5 set designers work 10 months out of the year perfecting each individual underworld. They acquire relics from lifetimes lost to fill each scene, bringing patrons into the past, and simultaneously blasting them into the future of haunting.
Adrenaline rushing, this haunt delivers thrills, chills, and razor blade pills like no other.  Dead Acres is one haunted attraction that is not afraid to cut you open just to see what makes you sick. Season after sinister season of record breaking attendance has verified the public’s mania for murder, and Dead Acres has always been there to oblige. There’s no substitute.  

Dead Acres is the place to be for extreme haunting each Halloween season.  Let gore’s slimy grip possess you this year, and become one of the converted.  Be a part of the legend that is the Haunted Hoochie at Dead Acres, the World’s MOST EXTREME Haunted House. You may never be the same again!

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