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SC Haunted House in Bishopville, South Carolina (Lee County near Columbia, SC): Kreepy Hollow is a terrifying 2 mile hayride full of terrific terrors and amazing feats, plus creepy bus ride, spine tingling graveyard, and 2 story haunted house! Click this profile for directions, info and more.. All of our attractions are one great price, not separated like other haunted houses. The haunted house has been transformed into a huge , scary mansion.

Website :
1155 Joe Dority Road
Bishopville, South Carolina, 29010

Contact Phone : 893-428-2033
Email :

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SC Haunted Houses Highlights: We are the "Ultimate Nightmare" this Halloween season. First you will take a kreepy bus ride that will blow you away with effects. You even get to choose your fate! You decide which haunted bus you will ride, Kreepers or Masters of Horror. Our 2 mile hayride has been rerouted through the swamps of the legendary Lucknow Bottom. Our 2 story newly renovated and doubled haunted house contains new amazing animatronics and special effects . Guaranteed to horrify and entertain!!


SC Haunted Houses Highlights: 2 concession stands and free parking in a lighted 20 acre parking lot with security surveillance. - $20.00 Reg. Adm Fastpass $35.00


Ticket booth opens nightly at 7 and closes at midnight on Fridays and Saturdays and 10pm on weeknights.

Kreepy Hollow
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SC Haunted Houses Highlights: 2 concession stands and free parking in a lighted 20 acre parking lot with security surveillance. - $20.00 Reg. Adm Fastpass $35.00

The hayride was fantastic!
The spot with Lucifer and the drop down bridge was absolutely terrifying. The last spot with the flying monster was also very good. Best haunted house in SC. Bus was good as usual.
Posted 10/12/2017
Perfect Haunt
Bang for your buck! Such innovation in the way they design and act out all scenes. The drop down bridge, the bus rides the rain room in the house you don't see this stuff anywhere else
Posted 09/20/2017
This haunted house was amazing. They got me through it in an effective manner and they scared me and my friends so much!
Posted 03/22/2017
Good job guys
Some spots have improved the house is a little different bus ride is awesome some people on here saying they didnt get scared when there's a lot of people in the world that don't get scared but they still enjoy it so go on out and have fun
Posted 10/31/2016
The Best!!
Don't believe the bad reviews guys. I almost didn't go because of it but I am sooooo glad I did. It was the absolute best haunted house I have been to this year.
Posted 10/22/2016
Nothing to write home about
While the house has slightly improved this year, the bus ride and hayride have gotten worse. On the Kreeper bus, there was only one actor and he essentially just walked up and down the aisle a few times while butt rock blared in the background. In previous years I was impressed by the pyro on the hayride, but they seem to have cut back on that significantly. The actors on the hayride are uninspired, most of them look like they don't want to be there at all. Even if the actors were more engaged, the corny nu-metal jams playing at each stop make it impossible to do anything but laugh the entire time. In four stops I heard four different Disturbed songs. Come on guys, you're supposed to be creeping us out, not making us cringe.
Posted 10/16/2016
This was the bee's knees bro
Really enjoyed the hay ride even though I didn't gget to purchase any hay. Enjoyed the bus ride but was disappointed that it didn't shrink and go explore the buttholes of the actors. I would have went into the haunted house but I crapped myself and I didn't want my green eggs and ham to slip out on the floor of the house.
Posted 10/01/2016
It was not very scary
Posted 09/22/2016
Opening night!
Decided on going on opening night even though from experience I know thats not always a good idea. Not disappointed at all, they did a great job even though it did take a little while to get started. Highly recommend.
Posted 09/17/2016
Number 1
The best
Posted 08/31/2016
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